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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord Reading

Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 Exercises Scrap Cat Scrap Cat uses categorization to help develop decoding skills, vocabulary, automatic word recognition, and an understanding of semantics (meaning), syntax (part of speech), phonology (sound structure), morphology (word structure), and conceptual relationships. The student helps Scrap Cat recycle the bottles and cans by sorting the words into their appropriate categories. Twisted Pictures Twisted Pictures helps develop sentence comprehension, syntax (part of speech), working memory, logical reasoning, and vocabulary as the student matches the pictures to their descriptive titles. The student helps the museum get things organized by matching the correct descriptive sentences to their corresponding paintings. Book Monkeys Book Monkeys helps develop paragraph comprehension, the understanding of cause and effect, the ability to make inferences, working memory, and vocabulary as the student reads paragraphs and answers related questions. Monkeying around in the library and not putting the books where they belong has left the library in a big mess. The student helps the librarian get the library back in order. 14 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

scrap cat GOAL ➤ To improve automatic word recognition and understanding of conceptual relationships. objectives ➤ Develop automatic word recognition. ➤ Develop understanding of conceptual relationships. ➤ Develop decoding, vocabulary and word categorization skills. ➤ Understand semantic, syntactic, phonological and morphological properties. SKILLS Cognitive Skills Memory – long-term recall of vocabulary and sight words Attention – selective attention to process different aspects of the vocabulary presented Processing – linguistic and visual processing Reading/Language Arts Skills ➤ Improve decoding, vocabulary, and word recognition skills by working on: • Conceptual relationships • Semantics • Syntax • Phonological properties • Morphological properties Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 15