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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

Book Monkeys My friend

Book Monkeys My friend Roger is a fennec fox. He comes from the desert in Africa and has huge ears. His big ears help him hear very, very well. He can hear tiny bugs moving under the sand. Roger has a very special job in Animal City. He goes from house to school to music hall tuning pianos. (Literal) You would find a fox like Roger in Africa under the sand inside trees on a farm Which sentence is false? Roger doesn’t hear well. Roger has a special job. Roger has huge ears. Roger is a fox. (Causative) Roger has big ears because they help him hear better he is a fox he is from Africa he is afraid of noise Roger can find tiny bugs because he can hear them moving can smell them hiding digs into the sand can see through the sand (Inferential) The best title for this story would be Roger the Special Fox How to Find Bugs Stop the Noise! Life in Africa Which sentence would most likely come next? Because of Roger, the music sounds better. He can’t tune a fish, though. People shout and yell at him. Roger wishes his ears were smaller. 76 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

Book Monkeys We just saw a show called “Mice on Ice.” We joined the crowd at the ice-skating rink. On the ice were hundreds of mice in beautiful costumes. They wore tiny ice skates and did spins and jumps to music. At the end, they formed a long line holding each other’s tails. As they raced across the ice, the crowd clapped and clapped. (Literal) It is true that the mice wore tiny ice skates mice don’t have tails the show is called “Iced Mice” not many people came Which sentence is false? The mice didn’t skate very well. A crowd watched the show. The mice did spins to music. The show was at a skating rink. (Causative) The mice wore tiny ice skates because mice have tiny feet they held each other’s tails they jumped to the music the crowd told them to The crowd clapped because the show was ending they were afraid of mice they were very cold the show was starting (Inferential) The best title for this story would be Mice on Skates Mice Can’t Skate A Terrible Night Learning to Jump The story says, “On the ice were hundreds of mice in beautiful costumes.” The word “costume” most likely means special clothing ice skates music large crowds Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 77