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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

Book Monkeys The Animal

Book Monkeys The Animal City swimming pool is a popular place. Everyone is welcome as long as they act nicely. In hot weather you might see dogs, ducks, alligators, and even a hippopotamus swimming together. In the winter the pool is full of polar bears, seals, and penguins. Hot or cold, you won’t see lions, panthers, or house cats. Most cats don’t like getting wet! (Literal) Which sentence is false? (Causative) Ducks won’t swim with dogs. The swimming pool is popular. Alligators swim in hot weather. Polar bears swim in cold weather. You might see polar bears in winter because they like to swim in cold weather like hot weather need a lot of room won’t swim with cats. (Inferential) This story is mostly about the Animal City swimming pool swimming in cold water dogs and ducks why lions swim It is true that _____________________________ __________. alligators enjoy swimming all dogs love cold water panthers swim in the summer ducks aren’t welcome You won’t see cats swimming because they don’t like getting wet are afraid of other animals aren’t welcome at the pool don’t know how to swim The story says, “The Animal City swimming pool is a popular place.” The word “popular” most likely means well-liked empty not liked small 74 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

Book Monkeys Most big cities are busy by day and much quieter at night. Animal City is very active at night. That’s because many animals come out only at night. These nighttime animals sleep all day. Once it gets dark, bats, owls, hamsters, and many others wake up. They will stay awake until the sun comes up again. (Literal) Which sentence is false? Animal City is quiet at night. Owls come out at night. Hamsters sleep during the day. Most cities are busy by day. (Causative) Bats sleep during the day because they are up all night don’t like noise like bright light are lazy It is true that _____________________________ __________. nighttime animals sleep during the day most cities are busy at night nighttime animals don’t need sleep owls are afraid of the dark Animal City is different from other cities because it is busy both night and day busy during the day only busy at night quiet at night (Inferential) Which sentence would most likely come next in the story? Then they will head off to bed. They enjoy working by day. Hamsters enjoy the sunshine. Now the city is quiet. The story says, “Animal City is very active at night.” The word “active” most likely means busy slow fun scary Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 75