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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

Twisted Pictures

Twisted Pictures Therefore, Twisted Pictures requires the student to work on the trials at each level until he or she achieves 90 percent accuracy. At that point, the student is better prepared to work on the same syntactic structures in longer sentences with more difficult vocabulary words. Points Awarded in tWisted Pictures Twisted Pictures awards points to the student based on the following conditions: ➤ Correct answers: The student earns 7 points for each trial that is correctly completed. ➤ Bonus points: After the student completes 10 trials correctly, Twisted Pictures rewards the student’s performance with 20 bonus points. Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 47

Twisted Pictures Twisted Pictures Content Subject-Verb Attributive/Stative Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 The chicken is eating. The chicken is sitting. The cat is eating. The cat is standing. The fat and smiling monkey is working hard. The thin and frowning monkey is eating. The fat and smiling cat is eating. The thin and frowning cat is working hard. The magnificent, shiny horn is leaning dangerously. The magnificent, shiny horn is lying safely. The beautiful, wooden guitar is leaning dangerously. The beautiful, wooden piano is leaning dangerously. The dog is brown. The dog is small. The snake is green. The snake is big. The tall dog is singing. The sitting dog is writing. The sad skunk is writing. The tall skunk is singing. The wide-awake duck is performing brilliantly. The exhausted duck is performing poorly. The wide-awake cat is performing poorly. The exhausted cat is performing brilliantly. The zebra is sad. The zebra is thin. The cow is sad. The cow is fat. The scared dog is stepping softly. The curious dog is stepping softly. The scared snake is observing. The curious snake is stepping softly. The clean and tall horse is listening attentively. The clean and tall horse is staring blankly. The short and dirty cow is listening attentively. The clean and tall cow is staring blankly. The skunk is alone. The skunk is clean. The monkey is alone. The monkey is dirty. The lean cow is slipping. The chubby cow is slipping. The lean horse is sitting. The short horse is slipping. . The late chicken is messy and wrinkled. The late chicken is tidy and organized. The early skunk is messy and wrinkled. The late skunk is tidy and organized. 48 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3