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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

scrap cat Group Two Has

scrap cat Group Two Has the same vowel sound as mop Has the same vowel sound as rope Has the same vowel sound as rat Has the same vowel sound as cut spot goat have sponge block hoped snap from falter meadow glass some closet clover crackle crumb operate raincoat black cupcake proper tone brat hush model folk drag unto Group Three Has the “s” sound Has three consonant sounds Has three vowel sounds Has one consonant sound cell tread deliver are lace pinch porcupine cue tracing plate company toy proceed brick blueberry bow dressed third awfully shoe display hired oriole obey housework prize whatever thy Morphological Sorting Categories gRoup one haS a SuFFIX ThaT MeanS happened in the past appeared placed attached played covered ordered thanked Has a prefix that means not or reverse Has a suffix meaning full of disappear thankful read displace grateful place discontinue healthful attach dishonest playful speed discover disorder disagree disease careful truthful helpful None of the above dishes dull 22 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

scrap cat Group Two Is a plural noun Has a prefix Is a possessive Is a compound word monuments untie theirs toothpaste chimneys react hers afternoon oxen preview our footstep witnesses bicycle his dragonfly cherries reset your turtleneck elevators unlimited mine skyrocket knives disabled my scrapbook Group Three Has a prefix that means again Has a suffix that makes it an adverb Has a prefix that means not replay quickly uncover jelly retie quietly unbend realize reinvent properly uncommon reach None of the above reset fully uncomfortable reading refill probably undoes underground rebound fortunately unfit uncle retake silently unhook uniform Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 23