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READING LEVEL 3 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 3 Fast ForWord

scrap cat Mastery If a

scrap cat Mastery If a student repeats a group of trials 3 times but does not achieve 90 percent correct, Scrap Cat presents a new category group from the same category type. Before the student completes the exercise, and after the student completes as much of the material in Scrap Cat as possible, Scrap Cat returns the student to the group (or groups) of trials that the student did not complete with 90 percent accuracy. Scrap Cat requires the student to work on this group (or groups) of trials until he or she achieves 90 percent accuracy. Points Awarded in Scrap Cat Scrap Cat awards points to the student based on the following conditions: ➤ Correct answers: The student earns 4 points for each trial that is correctly completed without the use of the dictionary. ➤ Dictionary-aided correct answers: If the student uses the dictionary, Scrap Cat awards only 1 point for a correct answer. In addition, that answer does not count toward the total correct for the group of trials and is therefore not evaluated for advancement. A correct answer after dictionary use also does not count toward bonus points. 18 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 3

scrap cat ➤ Bonus points: After the student completes 10 trials correctly without the use of the dictionary, Scrap Cat rewards the student’s performance with 10 bonus points. Scrap Cat Content Semantic Sorting Categories Group One Animals Things to Wear Things people can be Tools fawn shirt daughter shovel turkey crown queen saw goose skirt artist hammer turtle mitten scout pliers skunk sweater author plow horse boot soldier file salamander pants scientist screwdriver Fast ForWord Reading Level 3 | 19