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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

dog bone When does the

dog bone When does the bat lie in bed? at noon at six at night face of the moon Which animals love to be out by the light of the moon? cats, mice, dogs, bats only bats only mice because it’s dark when which 5) But all of the things that belong to the day Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way; Nonfiction – Untitled 1) The library is a place where kids and adults go to read books. With a card, you can borrow the books for free. Who goes to the library? anyone older kids only who adults only lots of books How do you borrow books? with a card with a key how by paying money at the front desk How do things stay out of the moon’s way? by going to sleep by going outside by climbing at tree belong to the day What things stay out of the moon’s way? things that belong to day things that belong to night things like bats and cats cuddle to sleep how what 2) To find a book, you need to know its Dewey Decimal number. This tells you which shelf the book is on. How do you find a book? get a Dewey Decimal number how get the page number go to the book store on the shelf Where are the books? on shelves on the floor where behind the computer the teacher 6) And flowers and children close their eyes Till up in the morning the sun shall arise. When will children open their eyes? in the morning in the evening next summer when the moon shines In the poem, how are children different from bats? Children sleep at night. Children sleep in the day. Children have faces. Children do not squeak. when how 3) Books about the same subject start with the same number, and are placed near one another on the shelves. What do books about the same subject do? start with the same number have the same color have the same pictures at the same time Which books are near one another? books about the same subject books that are small books that you can buy different shelves what which Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 125

dog bone 4) For example, books about dinosaurs all have the same number. And these books will be near other books about animals. Why do books about dinosaurs start with the same number? They share a subject. why They are about animals. They are near other books. We go to the library. Which books are near the books about dinosaurs? books about other animals which books about numbers books about trains easy to find 5) A man named Melvil Dewey invented this system for giving books numbers. That’s why we call the numbers Dewey Decimals. Who was Melvil Dewey? a man who made a system a man who made books who a man who hated math a library What is a Dewey Decimal? a number on a book a sentence in a book what a man who made a system many years ago 6) Before Dewey, books at the library were not kept in order. What a mess! It was almost impossible to find anything. Why was it hard to find books before Dewey? They were not kept in order. why There were no libraries. They were easy to read. They were finding things. What is this story about? a place where people read a place where people eat a large set of shelves Melvil Dewey Nonfiction – Untitled what 1) Although computers sometimes seem magical, they aren’t. Computers are built by people. And they do only what people tell them to do. Who are computers built by? people elves who mice magic What do computers do? what people tell them what they feel like what magic tricks very fast 2) Computers spend most of their time waiting for someone (like you) to send them a command. When you send the computer a “command”, you: tell it to do something vocabulary yell loudly turn it off spend a lot of time What do computers spend most of their time doing? waiting what commanding thinking thousands 126 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2