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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

dog bone Nonfiction –

dog bone Nonfiction – Untitled 1) Imagine that you were alive one hundred years ago. It’s dinner time, and Mom says, “Come and eat your meat!” Who would say, “Come and eat your meat!”? Mom who a very old man a farmer dinner What would Mom want you to do in this story? eat dinner what make dinner live a long time one hundred years 2) But when you look at your plate, you see only rice and beans. “Where is the meat?” you wonder. How would you feel when you looked at your plate in this story? surprised how happy angry nothing What would be on your plate? rice and beans rice only what a hot dog to look 3) One hundred years ago, the word “meat” had a different meaning. You could use it to talk about any kind of food, even rice or beans. What did “meat” mean one hundred years ago? food vocabulary beans plate by cooking it When did the word “meat” mean food? one hundred years ago one year ago at dinner time Mom when 4) Over time, the word changed. Its meaning became more narrow. Today, we only say “meat” when we talk about things like hamburgers or hot dogs. What happened to the word “meat”? The meaning changed. what changed its spelling We stopped using it. cooked like a hot dog What does the word “narrow” mean in this story? used only for some things vocab used for many things very thin any kind of food 5) This is one way that English changed. Sometimes a word changes in a different way. Its meaning becomes more wide. What did English do? changed stayed the same what learned a new word one hundred years ago What does the word “wide” mean in this story? used for many things vocabulary used only for some things very fat meat only 6) The word “mouse” used to mean an animal. Now we can use it to talk about either an animal, or a part of a computer. Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 121

dog bone What does “mouse” mean today? animal or computer part an animal only computer part only rice and beans How is the change in “mouse” different from the change in “meat”? Mouse became wider. Mouse did not change. English has both words. People do not eat mice. Nonfiction – Untitled vocabulary how 1) When a baby is born, she has arms and legs. She has eyes and ears, and a nose. Who is the story about? a baby an adult who a brother a nose What does a baby have? arms and legs two noses what wings wheels 2) This baby will become a little girl. She will grow much bigger. Her arms and legs will get longer. Who will this baby become? a girl a boy who a butterfly an arm What will this baby do? grow stay the same what play sports at age ten 3) People grow. But they do not really change shape. They keep their head, arms, and legs. Other animals grow differently. They change shape as they grow. In the story, what do people do when they grow? get bigger what see animals water plants a lot In the story, how do some animals grow? by changing shape how by changing color by having babies a little girl 4) Butterflies are like this. When a butterfly is born, it lives inside a tiny egg. The egg sits upon a plant leaf. Where does a butterfly live when it is born? in an egg where under the ground with a girl very tiny Where does the egg sit? on a leaf on a chair where in a nest quietly 5) Later, the butterfly comes out of the egg. It looks like a colorful worm. This baby butterfly is called a caterpillar. What do we call a baby butterfly? caterpillar little girl vocabulary Mr. Worm comes out of the egg What does a caterpillar look like? a worm an adult butterfly what an egg after it grows up 122 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2