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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

dog bone 5) Gary told

dog bone 5) Gary told Barry the bad news. “Silly goose,” said Barry, “Bears sleep all winter, anyway. My family has already prepared a cave.” When does Gary tell the bad news? after talking to Grandpa when after flying south after winter ends before talking to Grandpa Where will the bears sleep? cave lake where house winter 6) Gary felt better. “When I get back,” he said, “I want to hear about the dreams you’ve had.” “That’s a deal,” said Barry. When will Barry talk about his dreams? after Gary returns when before Gary leaves over the summer in a cave What is this story about? plans for winter plans for summer visits to Grandpa a funny dream Fiction – Charisse Writes a Story what 1) Charisse tells great stories. She speaks in a wonderful voice. Her friends gather around to listen. Sometimes they laugh, and sometimes they cry. What does Charisse do well? tell stories play guitar spell words sometimes what Who listens to Charisse’s stories? her friends her teachers her pet laugh and cry who 2) Charisse wants to write down her great stories. But she has a problem. She cannot use a pencil. What does Charisse want to do? write down stories look up words what draw pictures see a movie Why does Charisse have a problem? She can’t use a pencil. why She can’t find her pencil. Her spelling is bad. her great stories 3) Everyone else in the class can use a pencil. Not Charisse. The pencil always feels too skinny and too long. Who can use a pencil? everyone but Charisse only Charisse who only the teacher in the class For Charisse, how does the pencil feel? skinny and long how wide and short just right everyone else 4) Charisse looks at her hand. Those fingers don’t work the way she wants them to. She feels so unhappy. Where does Charisse look? at her hand at her feet where out the window don’t work Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 117

dog bone How does Charisse feel now? unhappy happy scared fingers how 5) Charisse keeps it a secret. But the teacher notices. “Charisse,” she says. “Try putting the pencil in your other hand.” What did Charisse try to do? keep a secret notice the teacher forget her stories go to sleep Who notices that Charisse can’t use a pencil? teacher friends mother secret what who 6) Charisse had never thought of that. She tries the other hand. What a difference! “Finally,” she thinks, “I will learn to write my stories down.” Where does Charisse put the pencil? other hand where same hand pocket desk What was Charisse’s problem? using the wrong hand using the wrong pencil what telling bad stories finally Fiction – The Little Land Excerpted from The Little Land, by Robert Louis Stevenson, (All original wording) 1) When at home alone I sit And am very tired of it, I have just to shut my eyes To go sailing through the skies -- In the poem, where does he go sailing? skies where lakes rivers alone In the poem, when does he go sailing? when he shuts his eyes when he takes a boat when he takes a car with his friends 2) To go sailing far away To the pleasant Land of Play; To the fairy land afar Where the Little People are; Where is the Land of Play? far away nearby next door Little People According to the poem, who would you find in the Land of Play? Little People Big People Blue People boats and cars when where which 118 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2