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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

ant antics Level 2 Noun

ant antics Level 2 Noun Singular/Plural (by Quantifier and Inflection), Verb Singular/Plural some cups some plates a jar a box some cups on a table some cups on a box a jar on a box a jar on a table The cow sits. The cows stand. The pigs read. The pig sits. a book a jar some hats some balls a brown cow some hens jumping some white cows a book on a table The pig reads. The pigs stand. The cows sit. The cow eats. a cup a plate some rats some pigs some toads some desks a chair a watch The fox stands. The foxes eat. The dogs play. The dog eats. some cows some hens a paper a book some carrots a balloon some bananas some tables The dog plays. The foxes stand. The dogs read. The fox plays. a white cup some white cups a red plate some yellow plates a ladder an alligator a rooster some basketballs The sad dog reads. The sad dogs play. The sad foxes stand. The sad fox reads. some red books some tall cows a white jar a red box a banana some cameras some tables a carrot The brown cow stands. The brown cow sits. The yellow hens jump. The yellow hen reads. Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 91

ant antics The big cat opens. The small cats stand. The big foxes eat. The small fox calls. The pigs read. The cats cut. The cat reads. The pig cuts. The old dogs read. The sad dog eats. The sad dogs stand. The old dog reads. The big fox calls. The big foxes call. The small cat opens. The small cats open. The hens eat. The hen eats. The cows sit. The cow walks. The wet hens sit. The old hens sit. The old rats stand. The wet rat stands. The alligator drinks. The alligators dance. The roosters climb. The rooster smiles. The cows call. The cows sit. The pigs sit. The pig calls. The snakes dance. The snake drinks. The roosters drink. The rooster dances. The rooster spins. The roosters climb. The alligator frowns. The alligators drink. The hens sit. The hen stands. The rats stand. The rat cuts. The alligators paint. The alligator paints. The toads spin. The toad frowns. The toad frowns. The toad runs. The toads lift. The toads smile. The small cows call. The big cow calls. The big pigs sit. The small pig sits. The penguins jump. The penguin drinks. The roosters drink. The rooster jumps. The rooster lifts. The roosters lift. The toad reads. The toads frown. The happy cows walk. The tall cat sits. The tall cats open. The happy cow sits. The parrots smile. The toads frown. The parrots dance. The toads jump. 92 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2