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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

ant antics Ant Antics

ant antics Ant Antics Content Level 1 Attributive/Stative, Third Person Subject Pronouns, Noun Singular/Plural (by Inflection Only) The rat is red. The dog is red. The dog is blue. The rat is blue. The old cow is white. The old pig is red. The brown cow is old. The white pig is old. She is blue. They are white. He is blue. She is white. The mat is red. The cat is old. The mat is brown. The cat is blue. The cow is happy. The cow is brown. The pig is happy. The pig is brown. The paper is white. The dog is tall. The dog is happy. The paper is brown. The fox is tall and blue. The rat is blue and tall. The rat is tall and white. The fox is tall and red. The big hen is happy. The small hen is red. The blue hen is sad. The red hen is big. The cat is yellow and tall. The red jar is small. The cat is yellow and sad. The big jar is white. The fox is dirty. The pig is clean. The pig is wet. The fox is short. The cow is unhappy. The rooster is unhappy. The cow is strong. The rooster is skinny. The balloon is silver. The penguin is skinny. The chair is colorful. The basketball is silver. The window is square. The book is gray. The camera is square. The desk is gray. They are sitting. He is eating. She is reading. They are reading. He is sitting. He is standing. She is sitting. He is reading. He is standing. They are eating. They are calling. She is sitting. They are sitting and reading. She is walking and reading. He is standing and reading. They are standing and reading. Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 89

ant antics She is sitting and pulling. They are sitting and pulling. He is sitting and pulling. He is eating and pulling. He is sad and white. She is happy and white. They are sad and red. She is white and red. They are brown and happy. They are strong and happy. He is old and sad. She is blue and sad. He is spinning. She is painting. They are lifting. They are painting. They are dirty. They are clean. He is unhappy. She is unhappy. She is young. They are dirty. She is old. They are old. She is drinking. They are climbing. He is smiling. He is dancing. white plate brown boxes blue jar red hats happy cat yellow mats sad pig red book brown boxes white balls small box green ball big books red boxes brown book small boxes brown hat on the bed red books on the mat red jar on the mat white balls on the bed happy and clean cat sad and white pigs small and blue books red and big book green balls on the bed green ball on the bed white balls on the table big boxes on the table clean and yellow plate clean and yellow plates red and small plate clean and small plate dirty spoons pink spoon pink fork silver forks short chairs short chair tall chairs pink chairs unhappy alligator dry rooster wet alligators wet roosters colorful parrot tall parrots gray snake tall snakes 90 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2