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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

leaping lizards Level 13

leaping lizards Level 13 morphology People first started _____ into outer space in the 1960s. At first, spaceships would _____ up and circle around the earth. Then, in 1969, a ship called “Apollo 11” _____ to the Moon. Ships have also _____ to Mars, but not with people on them. Someday, you might be one of the first people who _____ to Mars. Where I used to live, it _____ very hot in the summer. Now I live someplace where it never _____ very hot. answer going go goes gone go went gone going went gone going go gone went goes go goes left going gone got get getting gotten gets get getting got In my old garden, tomato plants _____ quickly. grew grown grows growing Now when I plant tomatoes, they _____ slowly and stay small. I don’t like hot summers, but they are good for _____ tomatoes. grow growing grew grows growing grew grow grown Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 81

leaping lizards Level 14 morphology Answer Not everyone can be the _____ at everything. best better good bad Some kids do badly in music but do very _____ in art. well worse best better The kid who writes the best stories might have the _____ handwriting. worst better bad worse Most people would rather do things they are _____ at. better goodness worst badly But being better or _____ is not as important as trying new things. In order to make their own food, _____ plants have leaves. But leaves need water, so plants that get _____ water grow fewer leaves. How leafy a plant is also depends on how _____ sunlight it gets. worse good bad worst most much least more less least more most much more most less Leaves that get more sunlight can make _____ food. more most least lesser Some plants even turn their leaves during the day to get the _____ sunlight. most much less more 82 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2