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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

leaping lizards Level 11

leaping lizards Level 11 morphology I am _____ for my age, but I am shorter than my brother. answer tall taller tallest tallness My sister is even _____ than my brother. taller tall tallest tallness She is the _____ one of the three kids in my family. It is funny that we are tall, because my mom is _____. tallest taller tall tallness short shorter shortest shortness And my grandma is the _____ adult that I know. shortest shorter short shortness Everyone on my soccer team is a _____ runner. fast faster fastest fasting Tanya is the very _____ runner on our team. fastest fast faster fasting I am _____ than Tanya, but I am good at passing the ball. Don is our _____ runner and he is not very good at passing. But when he plays goalie, he can block the _____ shots. The _____ it gets in the winter, the more it snows around here. But last winter was _____ than usual, so there was little snow. It was the _____ and least snowy winter I had ever seen. There wasn’t even ice on the ponds because it was so _____. This winter, I hope it gets _____ enough to go ice skating. On the last day of our camping trip we _____ to a waterfall. We were all hungry when we _____ from our long walk. slower slowest slow slowing slowest slow slower slowing fastest fasten fasted fasting colder cold coldest coldly warmer warm warmest warmly warmest warm warmer warmly warm warmer warmest warmly cold colder coldest coldly walked walk walking walks returned return returning returns When Dad got to the tent, he started _____. yelling yell yelled yells A bear had _____ the tent open, and it was taking our food. There was just a can of soup left, which we all had to _____. ripped rip ripping rips share shared sharing shares Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 79

leaping lizards Level 12 morphology The girls will _____ to the movie with their mother. At the top of the cave _____ many sleeping bats. answer go goes boys boy were was is be Ask Nina what she _____ after school. does do go goes The third graders _____ a lizard in their room. have has give gives A good judge always _____ to be fair. tries try fail fails How can snakes move so fast when they have no _____? If you are lost, ask that _____ at the desk for her help. Bobby’s smile will have a gap, until his new _____ grows in. In the boat were three _____ with fishing poles in their hands. The happy dog followed the three _____ all the way to school. feet foot ears ear woman women man men tooth teeth hole holes men man fish fisher children child teacher taught 80 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2