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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

leaping lizards level 9

leaping lizards level 9 Morphology Answer I need two more _____ to pay for this newspaper. dimes dime it its It takes many letters to write someone a _____. letter letters picture pictures In the West, rivers _____ from the mountains to the sea. Todd knew he wanted to go to college since he was a little _____. The storm made huge _____ that washed away part of the beach. travel travels force forces boy boys school schools waves wave wind winds Most _____ must move about to find food. animals animal lands land There are several _____ that ducks can travel. ways way need needs Ducks _____ across lakes and rivers. swim swims think thinks On land, a duck _____ around finding plants and bugs to eat. walks walk talks talk When they _____ to travel a long way, ducks fly. need needs stop stops Everyone _____ having a nice place to live. likes like seems seem Many birds _____ nests for their babies to live in. make makes turn turns A baby _____ needs to live in a nest while it is small. bird birds mother mothers The _____ keeps it warm and safe. nest nests wind winds It will leave the nest once it _____ to fly. learns learn draw draws Emma and Liz _____ to help with the weekly shopping. like likes please pleases The _____ walk to the store with their mother. girls girl step steps Emma always _____ to push the cart. wants want hears hear Liz carries the list and _____ a pencil to mark things off. If they are very helpful, each girl gets to pick a _____. uses use reads read drink drinks fire fires Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 77

leaping lizards Level 10 morphology answer My dog likes to be taken for long _____. walks walk walked walking Saturday, we _____ over five miles. walked walk walks walking We _____ past the school and went to the park. walked walk walks walking I was tired after _____ such a long way. walking walk walked walks We had to rest on the lawn before we could _____ back. Everyone in my family likes ______ to music. walk walks walked walking listening listen listens listened My sister _____ to songs on the radio. listens listen listened listening My dad would rather _____ to live music. listen listening listened listens Have you ever _____ to a singer? listened listen listens listening I like to sing even more than I like to _____. We all got quiet as soon as the show _____. The first act was a lady who _____ songs with water glasses. Next there was a play that my uncle was _____ in. My uncle told some good jokes, which made everyone _____. At the end of the show, we all stood and _____. Donna liked math, but this problem _____ too hard. The numbers were so big; they seemed to _____ the whole board. Donna imagined everyone _____ at her if she got it wrong. She just stood in front of the board, hoping no one would _____. Then, she remembered a trick, and she began _____ the big numbers. listen listens listened listening started start starts starting plays play playing player acting acted act acts laugh laughed laughing laughs clapped claps clap clapper seemed seems seeming seem cover covers covering covered laughing laughs laughed laugh notice noticed notices noticing adding added adds add 78 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2