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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

leaping lizards Level 3

leaping lizards Level 3 usage Answer _____ found a dog by his house. He he His his _____ help you to find your way. Maps maps Drive drive _____ ships are very tall. Some some Short short _____ help you tell time. Watches watches Water water _____ mother gave her a list. Her her Have have _____ are easy to peel. Bananas bananas Forks forks There is one can left. _____ you want it? Do do Two two When you find your street, _____ a mark on the map. put Put say Say _____ family likes to take long trips. His his How how I am very hungry. _____ we going to eat soon? Are are Ask ask _____ had fun picking apples from the trees. We we were Were _____ girls wanted to start playing the game. Five five Find find If you like _____, you will like this soup. beans Beans Been been The boy has pictures _____ space in his room. of Of off Off Whose dog is younger? My dog is three _____ old. The baby has _____, brown eyes, just like his mother. years Years Young young big Big Body body It is hard to touch your _____ with your feet. nose Nose noise Noise Some people like to swim in the ocean in the _____. winter Winter within Within He likes to _____ tea in the afternoon. drink Drink Trick trick There are many _____ outside my window every morning. birds Birds beds Beds Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 71

leaping lizards Level 4 usage Answer Do you remember the first _ay of school? d D R r At first, _ was a little scared. I i . , I did not know if I would like my _eacher, but I did. t T ! ? It was fun to see _att, and my other friends. M m _ , School used to seem scary to _e, but not anymore. m M h H This Friday, it is my friend, _inda’s birthday. L l , _ She told me _he likes to read. s S w W So, I got a _ook for her. b B ! ? It is a book that _ really liked reading. I i ? . I hope that she likes _t, too. i I s S There are seven days in a _eek. w W u U Her brother’s name is _ohn. J j , ! She _ame down the steps quickly. c C p P _ have a yellow shirt with blue stripes. I i A a The girl’s name is _ancy. N n , ! Where is _ob’s blue sock? B b . ? My painting teacher is called Ms. _dams. A a , . What a big elephant you are, _umbo! J j ! _ Do _ou want salt on that? y Y , ? This flower is called a _aisy. d D ? . 72 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2