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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

leaping lizards Level 1

leaping lizards Level 1 Vocabulary Answer Sentences are made of words, just _____ towns are made of buildings. Sentences have many kinds of words, like towns have many kinds _____ buildings. Nouns and verbs are two of the _____ important kinds of words. A noun is a _____ like girl, cat, food, job, or story. Nouns stand for people, places, _____ things. Verbs are words we use to _____ what happens. The words eat, walked, playing, and makes are _____ verbs. There are verbs for all kinds of actions, _____ sleeping and thinking. Like buildings, words are made out of _____ parts. The walls and floors are the smallest _____ of buildings. The smallest parts of words are _____ consonants and vowels. Vowels are sounds that you _____ with an open mouth. We spell vowels with the _____ [a, e, i, o, u] and sometimes [y]. You open your mouth wide _____ make the /ah/ sound in father. But you only _____ it a little to make the / ee/ sound in me. Like buildings have rooms, words _____ syllables. Every syllable has a vowel, just like _____ room has a floor. The word I has only one syllable, made of _____ one vowel. Most syllables also have consonants in _____. The word run has one syllable, made of one vowel _____ two consonants. like round yellow eat of form public ate most end blue house word for when those and ask back let tell may or her all year day look even pretty oil turn smaller an from because parts very not their called too than could make it about were letters much will down to fly stop hands open by other this have every the any every red learn school just people great fact them follow point water between man long go Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 69

leaping lizards Level 2 Vocabulary Answer Consonants are sounds that you make by closing your mouth for a _____. You ______ use your tongue to make consonants, as in the word dog. But to make the consonants in Bob or map, you must _____ your lips. We spell consonants with many letters, for _____, [b, t, m, s] and [k]. A syllable may have no consonants or it may have _____. The word plant has four consonants, _____ it is only one syllable long. To make a house bigger, you can add on _____. To make words bigger, you can _____ on syllables. Adding new syllables _____ changes what a word means. moment ever thus within sometimes quite themselves past close at cannot ten example and whose bring several next myself although yet later per slowly rooms vowels waves ideas add pick wish sit usually ago whether whose In English, this is _____ in three ways. done king plan early One way is by adding another word, like putting cup and cake _____. These two words _____ one compound word: cupcake. Compound words are made up of two _____ words put together. A _____ way to change a word is adding a syllable at the beginning. A syllable added at the ______ of a word is a prefix. The syllables [re] in redo and [un] in undo are _____ prefixes. Third, you can add _____ a sound or syllable at a word’s end. Something added to the end of a word is _____ as a suffix. Some ______ suffixes are [er] as in taller and [ing] as in walking. To understand words and sentences, it _____ helps to understand their parts. together toward short horse become travel done notice whole group farm problem second political warm local beginning feet morning power common president felt ago either among front already known better half green important paper company plant often cannot across near 70 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2