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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

ear bags: more lunch

ear bags: more lunch Category {mp, x, th, ng} Target Sound: mp Target Sound: x Target Sound: th Target Sound: ng lamp fox moth string camp ax bath bring dump box beneath hang jump fix cloth king stump mix math long stamp ox path ring six teeth song tax with spring wax youth swing fax broth thing oath wing Category {nd, ff, ing, s} Target Sound: nd Target Sound: ff Target Sound: ing Target Sound: s hand cliff eating cats and sniff mixing bits band gruff reading bats end huff feeling blocks grand off fishing crops land sheriff helping cliffs pond stuff asking lips send landing bricks spend longing sheets stand teaching boats wind telling grapes long vowels Category {a, i, o, u} Target Sound: a_e Target Sound: i_e Target Sound: o_e Target Sound: u_e cake five phone tube blame drive bone flute brave inside choke June chase kite froze jute flake life globe rude grape like home rule plane shine rope prune scale size smoke tune shave smile spoke skate time stove snake vine vote Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 25

ear bags: more lunch Category {ai, ay, ea, ee, oa} Target Sound: ai Target Sound: ay Target Sound: ea Target Sound: ee Target Sound: oa nail hay leaf bees goat claim clay beach cheek boats paint gray clean creep coal plain tray feast teen coach rain pay gleam green coast sail play least sheep coat snail say peach sheets float chain sway reach speech groan tail stay speak sweet road train Thursday teaching teeth throat wait way treats trees toad PHONETICALLY SIMILAR ALTERNATE RESPONSES PHONETICALLY SIMILAR ALTERNATE RESPONSES initial consonants Category {bl, pl, br, pr} Target Sound: bl Target Sound: pl Target Sound: br Target Sound: pr blue plate broom princess black plan brag preen blade plane braid prepare blame planet brain press blanket plant brand pretend blast plastic brat prevent blaze play brave pride bleach plop brick print blossom pluck bride prize block plum bring problem plus brush prune Category {cl, gl, cr, gr} Target Sound: cl Target Sound: gl Target Sound: cr Target Sound: gr cloud glue crab grapes claim glad craft grade clam glass crane grand class gleam crash grant clay glide crayon grass clean glitter cream gray click globe creep green cliff glum crib grin clinic cricket groan clock crime gruff club crop 26 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2