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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

ear bags: more lunch

ear bags: more lunch Mastery If after 3 attempts, the student has not met the criteria for passing a group of trials, Bear Bags: More Lunch transitions the student to the next category group. At the end of the exercise, those category groups which were not passed are repeated, using the same progression and rules of advancement as when they were originally presented. The student will continue to work on these category groups until mastery is achieved. Points Awarded in bear bags: more lunch Bear Bags: More Lunch awards points to the student based on the following conditions: ➤ Correct answers: The student earns 2 points for each trial that is completed correctly. ➤ Bonus points: After the student completes 24 trials correctly, Bear Bags: More Lunch rewards the student’s performance with 10 bonus points. The following sample activity can be easily introduced into a classroom to encourage students to attend Fast ForWord class each day. Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 21

ear bags: more lunch Bear Bags: More Lunch Content Bear Bags: More Lunch provides practice with the following phonemes: ➤ Initial Consonants ➤ Final Consonants ➤ Short Vowels (Medial) ➤ Long Vowels (Medial) PHONETICALLY DISSIMILAR ALTERNATE RESPONSES Initial Consonants Category {bl, fr, sp, br} Target Sound: bl Target Sound: fr Target Sound: sp Target Sound: br blue fruit spoon broom black frame speak brag blade free speech braid blame fresh speed brain blanket frizz spell brand blast frock spend brat blaze frog spider brave bleach from spill brick blossom front spin bride block frost spoke bring froze spot brush Category {pl, gr, sn, ch} Target Sound: pl Target Sound: gr Target Sound: sn Target Sound: ch plate grapes snowman cheese plan grade snack chain plane grand snail chase planet grant snake check plant grass snap cheek plastic gray sneak chest play green sniff chicken plop grin children pluck groan chin plum gruff choke plus chop 22 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 2