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READING LEVEL 2 | Teacher manual

Teacher manual Reading level 2 Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord Reading

Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 Exercises Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 consists of six exercises presenting reading skill instruction that correlate to Grade 2 national reading standards. The six exercises are: Bear Bags: More Lunch Bear Bags: More Lunch uses categorization to help improve phonemic awareness, understanding of the alphabetic principle, and decoding skills. The student helps Papa Bear make more lunch by sorting words into the appropriate phoneme-based categories. Fish Frenzy Fish Frenzy helps develop decoding skills, auditory memory, and the visual identification of words as the student recognizes and selects target words within a series of other words. The student also works on visual tracking to strengthen left-to-right reading patterns. Leaping Lizards Leaping Lizards helps improve sentence comprehension and vocabulary skills as the student selects the correct response to fill in the blank and complete the sentence. Ant Antics Ant Antics helps develop critical reading and sentence comprehension skills as the student matches pictures to their descriptive titles. Dog Bone Dog Bone helps improve listening comprehension, reading skills, and working memory as the student listens to passages while reading along and then answers multiple-choice questions. Fast ForWord Reading Level 2 | 15

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