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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord

BUZZ FLY Non-fiction

BUZZ FLY Non-fiction story: Untitled Story Grade 1 Vocabulary The face of a clock shows numbers. The hands move and point to these numbers. Q. What does “hand” mean in this story? A. The hand of a clock A pendulum is made when a weight is tied to the end of a string or cable. Q. What is at the end of a pendulum? A. A weight Pictured: Hand (of a clock Hand head Number 1 Pictured: Pendulum rope Hand (of a clock) Hay Behind the face, the real work goes on. Here, gears move the hands. Q. What moves the hands of the clock? A. Gears Pictured: Gear Gas Arm Win The gears turn and lock into one another. They also lock into a pendulum. Q. What does “lock” mean in the story? A. To fit together closely Pictured: Fit closely (two gears locking into one another Door Lock with key Belt When a pendulum swings from side to side, each move lasts just as long as the last move. Q. How does a pendulum move? A. By swinging back and forth Pictured: Swinging back and forth Moving up and down Weight falls off end of pendulum car This means that pendulums keep very good time. That’s why we use them for clocks. Q. What are pendulums used for? A. Clocks Pictured: Clock Van Lock with key House

Non-fiction: Untitled Story Grade 1 Vocabulary Bridges take us across water. They bring two parts of a road together. Q. Where would we find a bridge? A. Over a stream Pictured: Stream cave Forest Happy Without a bridge, we would need to take a ferry. Ferries are boats that make short trips. Q. What is a “ferry”? A. This is a ferry Pictured: Ferry Bridge Roof Truck With a bridge, we can travel faster. We keep going as if the water isn’t there. Q. What can we do with a bridge? A. Travel over water Pictured: Travel across a bridge (over water Swimming Sleeping Yelling Some bridges are simple. If we’re walking across a small creek, we can use a log. Q. According to the story, how can we cross a creek? A. By walking on a log Pictured: Walking on a log across a creek Airplane Moving up and down Tree To cross a big river, a log won’t work. We need a bigger, stronger bridge. Q. According to the story, what won’t work to cross a big river? A. A small log Pictured: Small log not big enough to cross big river Bridge Whale Path through the woods Some cities have rivers running through them. They have a bridge on every street! Q. Where can you find bridges on every street? A. In some cities Pictured: City with river Desert Map Walking on a log across a creek