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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord

BUZZ FLY Non-fiction:

BUZZ FLY Non-fiction: Untitled Story Grade 1 Vocabulary When milk gets old, it does not taste good. Yuck! When berries get old, they turn brown and fuzzy. Blech! Q. What color are old berries? A. Brown Pictured: Brown yellow Red White Milk and berries do not stay fresh. You need to use them soon after you buy them. Q. What does fresh food look like? A. This berry is fresh. Pictured: Fresh food Plate Rotten food Jug If you cook berries, you can make jam. Jam will stay fresh, and kids like it. Q. How do you make berries into jam? A. By cooking them Pictured: Cooking Berries Smelling Eating If you freeze milk, you can make ice cream. Kids like ice cream, of course. Q. What can you make by freezing milk? A. Ice Cream Pictured: Ice Cream Milk Jam Cake Cooking and freezing do different things to food. But they can both make food last longer. Q. Which of these foods lasts a long time? A. Jam Pictured: Jam Milk Berry Smelling If you buy peas in a can, they also last a long time. Not all kids like peas, but some do. Q. What makes peas last a long time? A. A can Pictured: Can Jug Pail Candy

Non-fiction: Untitled Story Grade 1 Vocabulary In the forest, you see lots of trees. But other things are part of the forest, too. Q. What do you see lots of in the forest? A. Trees From these seeds, new plants and trees grow. This way the forest keeps living. Q. What do plants and trees grow from? A. Seeds Pictured: Tree street sign Picture Wheel Pictured: Seed cooking Tree Pail Small plants live on the forest floor. They love the shade made by tree leaves above. Q. What is “shade”? A. This is shade Pictured: Shade Window Sun Farmer Birds carry seeds from one part of the forest to another. Q. Which animal carries seeds? A. A bird Pictured: Bird soil Cat Flower Bigger animals, like monkey and deer, live in the forest, too. They drink water from streams. Q. Where do deer and monkeys drink water? A. The stream Pictured: Stream Water glass Bath Deer The shade keeps the streams from turning dry. The forest is a nice place to live. Q. What is this story about? A. The forest Pictured: Forest Flower root Forest with no trees left