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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 10 Content Every summer we like to go for a trip to the _________. lake duck bowl rabbit We get on a little ship that takes us out to an _________. island spatula mouse eye My _________ plays in the water and runs after the ducks. dog carrot goose clam I like to hike and to look for spiders and weird _________. bugs arm fox robin If we take the last ship back, then we can get home before _________. night onion pool eagle An apple may take a long trip to get to your _________. mouth grapes pear suitcase It starts it life at a farm, on the branch of a big _________. tree barn bridge jet When it is ripe and good to eat, the _________ will pick it. farmer teacher doctor scientist The apple is packed in a _________, and sent to the store. box cart purse suitcase You can buy the apple and put it in a _________. bag dime pail grapes Then you can take it home and bite into it with your _________. teeth toe nose eye It was very, very cold when I got dressed this _________. morning clock hat dress I knew I had to put on more than just a _________. coat night tape oven I put on two shirts and a _________ to keep my arms warm. sweater hand leg hat Then, I put on a pair of _________ to keep my hands warm. mittens belt sleeves sandals But I had to take them off again to pull up the _________ on my coat. zipper glasses pants sock Today Ms. Ross told us about a big bird called a _________. peacock coyote bat canary We saw a picture of it and she wrote its name on the _________. board turkey paint desk This bird has big spots on its tail, and each spot looks like a _________. eye nose rake shovel I made my own picture with some crayons and green __________. paint milk desk grapes Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 65

BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 11 Content Most plants start life as _________. seeds end good cats There are _________ fingers on your hand. five one bike pan To open the box, _________ on that tab. tug hot top them A _________ is an animal without much fur. pig tent leg dog Did you see the _________ come up? sun here down get A _________ lives in that cave. bat cake mop tub The fly got stuck in a spider’s _________. web tap leg lap Stick that picture on the wall with _________. tape nut mud dime You can swim in a _________. lake wade pot hot I took a long nap on the _________. bed bad rope ripe Try to hit the ball over the _________. net not new nod It was so cold I needed a _________. hat fog hot nap Wash up that muddy floor with the _________. mop jag cane cob I like to jog with my pet _________. dog wig fig log Don’t pull so hard; the paper will _________! rip hid jig kit Don’t drink it all; just have a _________. sip same tame tip Use this _________ if you get lost. map jug bag top The rabbit could _________ over the low wall. hop cap mole note They made the long trip in a _________. jet job fin fan Mom gave Jen a kiss and a _________. hug had did dim 66 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1