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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 8 Content Why do so many flowers bloom in the spring and not in the winter___ ? P ! . If bees cannot spell, then why do we call this a spelling bee___ ? u ___ u Wow, look at the little monkey that is riding on that huge elephant___ ! ___ m M Stop leaning on that mirror; it is going to break and hurt someone___ ! ? p P Ducks can stay dry in the rain because the ware rolls off their feather___ . ? f F I like sweet grapes and blueberries, but I also like sour fruits like lemons___ . ___ i I Bev and Nick crept down the stairs ___ and quietly tiptoed past the door. ___ . ? ! The mountain’s top seemed so far, I thought ___ I would never make it! ___ ? B b To get to the city, is it faster to take the train ___ or the bus? ___ ? I i ___ay I use your camera to take a picture of that spider’s web? M m ? ! ___en minutes is not enough time to walk from here to the store? T t ___ . ___rayons are made from colored wax and they are good to draw with. c c ? ! Everyone else went swimming, but ___om did not know how to swim. T t ? . Who do you think will be this year’s class president, ___an or Ted? J j ! ___ Come and look at this, ___nnie, the whole world is covered with snow! a a ___ . After we met Officer Lee, ___ decided to go into police work myself! I i ? . Mom said that ___ should bring these cakes and cookies for the party. I i ? ! Is there enough room in the garden to plant a ___umpkin vine on this side? p P ___ ? Even though it is made of ice, an ___gloo can help you stay warm. i I ___ ? The doctor didn’t have time for lunch, today, ___ecause her office was so busy. b B ! . Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 63

BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 9 Content I like to play with my furry _________. cat apple knife artist She bites the tail of her toy _________. mouse block broom spoon She jumps on the _________ of my shoes. laces fish balloon cap My cat has a little _________ of food. bowl pencil cuff corn She sleeps at the foot of my _________. bed celery camel shovel There is a note in this _________. box walrus carrot shovel To read it, I will need my _________. glasses lamb spoon mittens Here they are, in my _________. pocket cake fork button It says we can grow corn, carrots, and _________. peas dimes kites paint Look at all the little vegetable _________. seeds milk elephant pants It was a hot and sunny _________. day skate horse airplane So, Luz went to swim at the _________. beach suitcase banana bathrobe She wore her sandals and _________. swimsuit mittens earmuffs scarf She waded and played in the _________. waves house clam city Later, she dried off with her _________. towel oven seal night I can bake a _________. cake grape corn almond I read a _________ and found out how. book robin cookie ruler First, mix sugar, eggs, flour in a _________. bowl fork knife napkin Then, put the batter in a _________. pan boot pool hat Last, bake it in the _________. oven spoon cup spatula 64 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1