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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 6 Content Julia hid her picture so that no one else could _________ at it. look play well ate If you have a pair of shoes that means you have _________ of them. two red new fly My jacket is here somewhere; I have to stay until I _________ it. find ran walk said I am seven now, but after my birthday I will be eight years _________. old four round fly The polar bear has white fur, but the grizzly bear has _________ fur. brown two go ran To cross the ocean, you could sail in a ship or _________ in an airplane. fly one like please When you hand in your old book, Mrs. Filko will _________ you a new one. give here see is Four our snack, we have grape juice to drink and crackers to _________. eat went look say Football has a lot of rules, but it is fun to play once you know _________. how ate go no Fran was hungry enough to eat two sandwiches, but she only had __________. one then was here Mr. Miller is a good teacher, but he _________ us homework every day. gives has hops plays At recess, some kids slid down the slide, and some kids _________ a race. ran soon said ate Yesterday, Mrs. Reye’s third grade class _________ on a field trip to a farm. went yes white new Wait until I am done with the story, _________ you can get out your lunch. then make went be The kitten was stuck high in a tree, but the fire department came to _________. help not so three The ghost story was so _________, we all wanted to hear it again. good round big soon My dog gets his leash and scratches at the door when it’s time for his _________. walk saw cat have Lara hoped her brother would go away so she could _________ with her friends. play come when well Today it is warm and sunny outside, but yesterday it _________ cold and rainy. was find and ask The jar of honey was closed so tightly that Matt couldn’t get the _________ off. lid run make tub Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 61

BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 7 Content Is there a caterpillar on that leaf___ ? . r r Where did I leave my book___ ? ! a a Do gorillas really eat bananas___ ? ! . - Hurry, the bus is already here___ ! ? B b Get help, right away___ ! ? . - Oh boy, this is going to be fun___ ! - k K The old bridge was made of wood___ . ! a a Here is the shopping list I wrote for you___ . ___ ¡ ? Sugar is used to make things sweet___ . ? ! _ There was a yellow ___ rain hat on Pat’s head. ___ . ! ? Which way ___ is it to the park? _ ! . ? ___un to the store and get some bread. r r ___ ? ___ot days are fun at the beach. h h _ . Is this the street where ___im lives? K k ? ___ Quick, take this note to ___on! D d ! ? Do you think ___ can jump that far? I i ___ . My sister is older than ___ am. I i ? . A scared skunk can make a ___ad smell! b B ! ? The story we read was about an old ___an. m M ? ! The pigs and horses all slept ___n the barn. i I ? . 62 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1