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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 4 Content When this fruit is ripe, it turns the color that shares its name. It is a _________. orange island eagle ear Remove the word “ball” and this is what you use to kick it. It is a _________. football bathrobe squash carrot This is the part of your shirt that is closest to your hand. It is the _________. cuff wig pigeon soil A few of these can keep your shirt closed, so you don’t get cold. It is a_________. button crown gloves sock This keeps your pants around your waist, so they don’t fall down. It is a _________. belt mouse lamb duster If there is dirt on the floor, you can clean it up with a _________. broom plate fig moth It contains a lot of water but floats in the air. It is a _________. cloud cone puppy pipe The longer you leave this light burning, the shorter it becomes. It is a _________. candle earmuffs balloon red It is made to cook food and would look silly on your head. It is a _________. pot pin hat sock It is not a food, but it is something that goes in your mouth, it is a _________. fork broccoli bowl grape Running with its herd, a _________ can get lost in a sea of stripes. zebra cow shirt giraffe After you wash your hands, you use this to get them dry. It is a _________. towel soap tub shampoo With the water in its hump, it can walk the desert for days. It is a _________. camel elephant goose lizard Inside of its name is the stuff that it tries to remove. It is a _________. duster broom earmuffs swimsuit However far it may wander, its little house is never far away. It is a _________ snail lamb cub night You can drink this, or you can eat it in cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. It is _________. milk juice bite cup Whether paper, plastic, or cloth, this can help you bring it all home. It is a _________. bag truck box cart Through the soil it will wriggle and squirm to find a tasty dead leaf. It is a _________. worm bee seal leaf This animal can get around on land, in the water, or in the air. It is a _________. duck bat fish cloud In a cup it makes a leak, but in a wall it lets you peek. It is a _________. hole mug glasses web Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 59

BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 5 Content Babies are little, but adults are _________. big play so have Ships can sail, but airplanes can _________. fly eat yes good A block is square, but a ball is _________. round come put find A mouse is small, but an elephant is _________. big green run like Ears help you hear, and eyes help you _________. see say went when We have to walk inside, but we can _________ outside. run went then let Ripe blueberries are blue, ripe strawberries are _________. red black eat now I would like a cookie, _________. please how jump ate What would you _________ for lunch? like let saw help Sarah forgot _________ her book was due when no give take Wendell told us _________ to find the museum. how is what go Don’t put the chair over there, put it _________. here blue give stop The sun was shining and the sky was _________. blue black yes give When Sam heard the bell, he started to _________. run good red did Fresh snow is very cold, and bright _________. white old brown stop Kids need strong legs to run, skip, and _________. jump one big see Polite Peter said, “I will _________ you go first.” let please was good Polite Peter asked, “May I _________ dessert, please?” have how ask black Safe Sally said, “Red light, everybody _________.” stop put four soon Safe Sally said, “Green light, everybody _________.” go did not three 60 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1