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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 2 Content Ms. Peabody told me that there is going to be a new _________ in our school. teacher butterfly tiger eraser We are going to have an art teacher who will teach us how to hold a _________ . brush pants broom pig Maybe he will show us how to make plates and bowls out of _________. clay laces corn glasses His class will be first thing in the _________ so I will have to take the early bus. morning desk train kite I have to learn to draw well because I want to be an _________ when I grow up. artist apple paper pencil If you have some paper and sticks you could make a _________ that you can fly. kite skate bird bat First, you cut a large diamond shape out of the paper with a pair of _________. scissors pen paint pencil To keep it flat, you build a frame, and use _________ to stick the paper to it. glue brush pencil crayon You can use an old _________ to make a tail that you tie to the bottom of your kite. rag broom sponge brush On a windy _________, you could fly it so high, it would become a tiny spot in the sky. day night april moon My friend Mike and I rode the _________ to this year’s 4th of July celebration at the park. bus foot giraffe bug As soon as we got there, we could hear the brass _________ playing some marching songs. band clown elephant horse It was such a hot day; everyone wanted to cool off, so we sprayed each other with a _________. hose boat banana oven There was a big picnic for everyone, with watermelon, barbeque, and _________ on the cob. corn broccoli carrot onion They shot off fireworks over the lake, that _________ ,while people waved flags and cheered. night april man mountain I took a paper plate and made it into a toy _________ that I could float in a stream. boat bus camel pencil As I followed my boat down the stream, it floated under a big _________. bridge bus barn house A yellow _________ fluttered onto my boat, folded its wings and took a ride. butterfly cloud balloon jet It looked as if it was the _________ of the boat; all it needed was a crew of sailors. captain doctor teacher scientist The little rider flew away when the boat landed on a _________ in the stream. island waves eagle horse Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 57

BEDTIME BEASTIES Level 3 Content A _________ is an animal with a long neck. giraffe elephant lizard rabbit The whole class can read what’s on the _________. board ruler pencil tape A cat’s paw has more than one _________. claw wing head arm You can eat this _________ in one bite. grape pear banana milk You might try to part your _________ on the side. hair glasses mouth ears Use the washcloth and _________ to clean your face. soap shampoo mat tub Her socks have a space for each _________. toe ear eye arm The circus must be in town, there goes a _________. clown captain doctor scientist A _________ needs gasoline to make it go. car banana lizard paint A horse needs to eat hay, oats or _________. corn deer cuff piano Use a measuring cup to pour in just enough _________. milk moon jet glass Your hands can make many things out of _________. clay gas hop Monday When the sun comes up, it is _________. morning soap zebra night At night, a _________ will fly towards a light. moth kite jet mat A _________ is an instrument that makes a pretty sound. guitar vacuum turkey candle The inside of a _________ is usually dark and cold. cave glass ruler bus The voice of a singing _________ pleases the ear. bird goat book eye Many desserts must be baked in the _________. oven suitcase cake mug Many foods, such as tomatoes, grow on a _________. vine lake ring rabbit It’s polite to use a _________ when wiping your mouth. napkin hand pants shovel 58 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1