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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


BEDTIME BEASTIES GOAL ➤ To build skills in sentence comprehension. objectives ➤ Build knowledge of punctuation and capitalization rules. ➤ Build awareness of sentence structure. SKILLS Cognitive Skills Memory – hold an incomplete sentence in working memory while recalling vocabulary and punctuation rules form long-term memory Attention – sustained attention Processing – auditory and visual processing Sequencing – use word order to comprehend sentences and help identify the missing parts Reading/Language Arts Skills ➤ Sentence Comprehension – Use context to correctly identify missing elements, listen to both meaning and sentence structure, employ problem solving skills. Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 51

BEDTIME BEASTIES Reading Curriculum Standards ➤ Listen attentively. ➤ Use context to resolve ambiguities about word and sentence meanings. ➤ Use a period, exclamation point, or question mark at the end of sentences. ➤ Use sentence and word context to find meaning of unknown words. ➤ Capitalize the first word of a sentence, names of people and the pronoun I. Description Bedtime Beasties helps participants to build skills in sentence comprehension by requiring students to compete sentences with missing words, letters, or punctuation. The student builds vocabulary skills, knowledge of punctuation and capitalization rules, working memory, and awareness of sentence structure. Brief passages and individual sentences are used to provide context, including both fiction and non-fiction text. As participants gain mastery, sentence length increases and reading supports are reduced. At the most challenging level, both the stimulus sentences and the response words must be read independently by the student. Bedtime Beasties teaches sentence comprehension by providing practice in listening while reading along to sentences and short passages and using context to correctly identify missing elements. In order to fill in missing words, punctuation marks and capitalized or lowercase letters, students must attend carefully to both meaning and sentence structure, and must take the problem solving approach that is often required when reading challenging text. How Students Work on Bedtime Beasties In this exercise, the student is presented with a sentence that includes a blank space in place of a word, punctuation mark, or letter. Four responses are available at the bottom of the screen. The student clicks on the response which correctly fills in the blank to complete the sentence. Initially, sentences are read aloud by Granny Elephant and the responses include both a word and picture. As the student progresses through the exercise, the student KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Button Keyboard Shortcut must read the sentences Paw Space bar independently and the Responses, top left to bottom right Number keys 1 through 4 responses no longer include a picture. 52 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1