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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord

QUAIL MAIL Animals in a

QUAIL MAIL Animals in a Pet Store Animals That Can Fly Things in a Classroom Things at a Circus cat dog fish hamster mouse rabbit snake lizard eagle robin goose bat bee butterfly moth wasp book pencil desk tape chalkboard eraser map ruler clown popcorn lion elephant balloon horse tent ringmaster 4. Descriptive (functional): The student sorts words into categories that reflect what the items are commonly used for (e.g., clean with it, go places with it) Things Used for Cleaning Things Used for Going Places Things Used for Eating and Drinking Things Used for Making Art mop broom rag bucket duster sponge soap vacuum car bus airplane cab boat train skate horse plate mug bowl glass spoon fork knife straw paper pencil paint paintbrush clay glue pencil scissors Things Used for Taking a Bath Things Used for Cooking Things Used for Carrying Things Things Used for Gardening bubble bath robe washcloth rubber duck bath mat soap towel shampoo stove microwave pan spatula rolling pin measuring cup oven knife bag truck pail wagon box suitcase backpack purse shovel rake hoe watering can seeds w/packet gloves soil lawn mower Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 49

QUAIL MAIL 5. Descriptive (features): The student sorts words into categories that reflect salient features of the items (e.g., It is bigger than a car. Careful, it is sharp!) Bigger than a Car Smaller than Your Hand Cold Weather Clothes Hot Weather Clothes In the Sky In the Ocean Careful, It’s Slippery Careful, It’s Hot bus mountain elephant bridge jet barn house tree (redwood) ring nut almond stamp ant bean dime toe ear muffs cape boots (winter) wool hat mittens sweater gloves scarf shorts t-shirt bating suit sandals sunglasses sun hat sundress swim trunks bats butterfly kite balloon jet cloud moon bird fish clam boat island crab seal waves walrus knife porcupine teeth pin saw claw nail cactus fire oven iron (clothes) heating pad heater candle stove coals 6. Linguistic: Categories based on number (e.g., many), verb tense (e.g., happened before), or whether it would answer a “who, what, when, or where question. Where is It? When was It? Who does It? What is It ? island playground beach city lake pool mountain house day night noon April Monday before after morning artist teacher farmer doctor captain actor scientist author sock fan skate car rag guitar bowl ruler Many (Plural Noun +s) One (Singular Noun) Happening Now (Verb + ing) Happened Before (Verb + ed) cats dimes kites kings beds bugs cups blocks cat dime kite king bed bug cup block burning walking reaching sorting opening raking kicking (ball) planting burned walked reached sorted opened raked kicked planted 50 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1