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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


QUAIL MAIL Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 47

QUAIL MAIL Quail Mail Content Quail Mail presents samples of the following 6 category types: 1. Basic: Very simple categories reflected by common concrete words (e.g., given pictures of a variety of dogs and many styles of chair, students must sort the words into the categories of dog and chair.) Basic Category Verbal Prompt Basic Category Verbal Prompt Dog Tree Flower Chair “A kind of dog” “A kind of tree” “A kind of flower” “A kind of chair” Cup Shoe Sign Truck “A kind of cup” “A kind of shoe” “A kind of sign” “A kind of truck” 2. Super-ordinate: Abstract categories reflected by words used for items that share the same function or class (e.g., animals, body parts, clothes) Foods Animals Body Parts Clothes Fruits Vegetables Bugs Birds cookie cake banana grapes carrot corn almond milk coyote giraffe hamster eagle bat moth fox lizard head arm nose foot eye ear toe mouth belt bib boot cap coat dress hat pants apple orange blackberry peach grapes fig strawberry pear onion carrot corn spinach squash peas broccoli celery ant bee butterfly grasshopper cricket moth beetle wasp duck goose turkey hen peacock pigeon robin eagle 3. Thematic: Categories that reflect their frequent association by place or event (e.g., animals in a zoo, things in a classroom) Animals on a Farm Animals in a Zoo Things that Belong on Clothing Things on Someone’s Head hen goose horse pig lamb duck cow goat lion tiger giraffe elephant zebra ape bear kangaroo zipper pocket button cuff laces patch collar sleeves hair hat crown wig glasses Mouth Ears helmet 48 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1