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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


QUAILMAIL GOAL ➤ To build vocabulary knowledge and skills. Objectives ➤ Develop automatic word recognition. ➤ Develop conceptual relationships. ➤ Develop a flexible approach to vocabulary. SKILLS Cognitive Skills Memory – hold a spoken word in working memory while forming associations between a picture, a spoken word, and a written word, and recalling semantic information to categorize the word Attention – focused attention Processing – auditory and visual processing Reading/Language Arts Skills ➤ Conceptual relationships – Categorize and group familiar and unfamiliar words to compare and contrast concepts. ➤ Semantics – Work with word meaning from a core group of grade-level appropriate and more advanced words. ➤Grammatical properties – Consider tense and number to correctly sort advanced vocabulary words. Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 43

QUAIL MAIL Reading Curriculum Standards ➤ Responds to who, what, where, when, and how questions. ➤ Identify singular and plural nouns. Description Quail Mail helps participants build vocabulary knowledge and skills. The student learns to rapidly access various dimensions of vocabulary, including multiple semantic attributes and other linguistic properties. Quail Mail also encourages the development of automatic word recognition, conceptual relationships, and a flexible approach to vocabulary. Quail mail accomplishes this in the following ways: ➤ Conceptual relationships – Categorizing and grouping both familiar and less familiar words helps students compare and contrast concepts, and see concrete and abstract relationships among the words. ➤ Semantics – A core set of grade-level appropriate words is presented, along with a smaller number of more advanced words. Students must consider various aspects of word meaning as they work with these words, requiring deeper processing, and encouraging both conceptual flexibility and the development of more fully elaborated vocabulary representations. ➤ Grammatical properties – At the most advanced level, students must consider grammatical information such as tense and number, to correctly sort the words. How Students Work on Quail Mail When the student clicks the yellow paw, categories appear on the mailboxes (or category bins) and a description of each category is read aloud. A card displaying a picture and/or word is pulled from the mailbag. If a word is displayed, the word is read aloud. The student must determine which category the picture and/or word fits into and then respond by clicking that category bin (mailbox) on the right. The student can click the speaker buttons next to KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS each mailbox to repeat the Button Keyboard Shortcut category description aloud, Paw Space bar or the yellow paw to hear the word repeated aloud. Category bins, top to bottom Number keys 1 through 4 44 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1