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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord


FLYING FISH the exercise. How Students Advance in Flying Fish Flying Fish presents progressively lower-frequency words, requiring that the student master each word in 2 stages. The words are presented in groups of 10. In Stage 1, the student matches a word that is written and spoken with other words that are written and spoken. ➤ If the student matches 9 out of the 10 words correctly (90% accuracy), the student advances to Stage 2. ➤ If the student does not match 9 out of 10 words correctly, the set of words is repeated for the current stage. The student is given 3 attempts to pass the set of words and advance to Stage 2. In Stage 2, the student works on the same set of words that were presented in Stage 1, but is now required to match spoken words with written words. ➤ If the student matches 9 of the 10 words correctly in Stage 2, the next set of words is presented. The student is given 3 attempts to pass this stage. ➤ After the student meets the criteria for both stages of 4 sets of words, a Fluency Round is presented. ➤ Fluency Round: In the Fluency Round, words from the previous 4 sets are presented as in Stage 2 and at the fastest rate. Each Fluency Round lasts only 1 minute and the trials are not counted towards Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 39

FLYING FISH advancement. The Fluency Round provides the student extra practice and the opportunity to earn more points. Mastery If after 3 attempts, the student has not met the criteria for passing a set of words at the current stage, Flying Fish transitions the student to the first stage of the next set. At the end of the exercise, those word sets which were not passed are repeated, beginning with Stage 1, using the same progression and rules of advancement as when they were originally presented. The student will continue to work on these sets of words until mastery is achieved. Points Awarded in Flying Fish Flying Fish awards points to the student based on the following conditions: ➤ Correct answers: The student earns 3 points for each trial that is completed correctly. ➤ Bonus points: After the student completes 12 trials correctly, Flying Fish rewards the student’s performance with 10 bonus points. Flying Fish Content The following tables present the Flying Fish content within the 6 levels. Level 1 Word List Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 the of and a to in is you that it he was for on are as with his they at be this have from or one had by word but not what all were we when your can said there use an each which she do how their if will Level 2 Word List Set 1 Set 2 Set 3 Set 4 Set 5 up other about out many then them these so some her would make like him into time has look two more write go see number no way could people my than first water been call who oil its now find long down day did get come made may part over 40 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1