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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord

ear BAGS Mastery If

ear BAGS Mastery If after 3 attempts, the student has not met the criteria for passing a group of trials, Bear Bags transitions the student to the next category group. At the end of the exercise, those category groups which were not passed are repeated, using the same progression and rules of advancement as when they were originally presented. The student will continue to work on these category groups until mastery is achieved. Points Awarded in Bear Bags Bear Bags awards points to the student based on the following conditions: ➤ Correct answers: The student earns 1 point for each trial that is completed correctly. ➤ Bonus points: After the student completes 11 trials correctly, Bear Bags rewards the student’s performance with 10 bonus points. Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 21

ear BAGS Bear Bags Content Bear Bags provides practice with the following phonemes: ➤ Initial Consonants ➤ Short Vowels (Medial) ➤ Final Consonants ➤ Long Vowels (Medial) PHONETICALLY DISSIMILAR ALTERNATE RESPONSES Initial Consonants Category {t, m, s, g} Target Sound: t Target Sound: m Target Sound: s Target tub tug tag top tip tin tack ten tube tape time mop moon man mug met mat map mad mud make mine sun seal set sit sip sock sad sat sum safe side Sound: g goose got gas gum gag goat gear gap gate game gave Category {p, l, h, j} Target Sound: p Target Sound: l pig pit pin pen pan pat pot pet pop pup pipe log lot let lit leg lip lamb life like lake leaf Target Sound: h Target Sound: j hat hot hit him ham hop hen hug home hope hide jug jog jig jeep jam jab job juice jet joke jute Category {d, c, r, f} Target Sound: d Target Sound: c Target Sound: r Target dog did dad dot dig dip duck dune dime date dude cup cab can cat cap cop cut cave cone cake came ram red rip rag run ran rat rot rule rake rope Sound: f five fit fed fan fig fat fog fin fun fade fad Category {b, k, n, w} Target Sound: b Target Sound: k Target Sound: n Target bed bus but bat bug bag bib bad big bake bone kite keg kid kin kit kale king kiss kick keep nut not nod nose night nap nip neck name note nine Sound: w wig web wheel wet win wit wave wide wife worm wipe 22 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1