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READING LEVEL 1 | Teacher manual

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Teacher manual Reading level 1 Fast ForWord

ear bags GOAL ➤ To

ear bags GOAL ➤ To build skills in phonemic awareness, the understanding of the alphabetic principle (phonics), and decoding of one-syllable words. OBJECTIVES ➤ Categorize one-syllable words by initial, final and medial sounds. ➤ Understand highly decodable one-syllable words with paired presentation of print and speech. Skills Build Cognitive Skills ➤ Memory – working memory ➤ Attention – focused attention ➤ Processing – auditory processing skills to distinguish speech sounds and learn to recognize their differences Reading/Language Arts Skills ➤ Phonemic Awareness – Categorize one-syllable words by initial, final, and medial sounds. ➤ Sound-letter correspondence – Repeated exposure to highly decodable one-syllable words with paired presentation of print and speech. Fast ForWord Reading Level 1 | 17

ear BAGS Reading Curriculum Standards ➤ Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in single-syllable words. ➤ Distinguish long- and short-vowel sounds in orally stated single-syllable words (e.g., bit/bite). How Students Work on Bear Bags In Bear Bags, the student is asked to help Mama Bear sort words (on pieces of toast) into phonemebased categories (lunch bags). The words will be sorted on the basis of the phoneme in the position currently targeted. The target phoneme could be the initial or final consonant, or the medial vowel. When the student clicks the yellow paw, phoneme categories appear on the lunch bags and a description of each category is read aloud. A piece of toast pops out of the toaster and displays a picture and word. The word is read aloud. The student must determine into which category the word fits, and then click that category bin (lunch bag). As the exercise progresses, the words are presented aurally and as text but without the accompanying pictures. The student can click the speaker buttons next to each lunch bag to repeat the category description aloud, or click the yellow paw to hear the word repeated aloud. How Students Progress through Bear Bags Students progress through Bear Bags based on the type of phoneme to sort by and the position of that phoneme within each word at a given difficulty level. The difficulty level is determined by whether the alternate responses are phonetically dissimilar (easier) or phonetically similar (more difficult). Additionally, for each category group, at each difficulty level, students will progress from sorting words accompanied by pictures, to sorting only words. KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Button Keyboard Shortcut Paw Space bar Category bags, left to right Number keys 1 through 4 18 | Fast ForWord Reading Level 1