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Teacher Manual Reading comprehension

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Exercise Screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 Autoplay Turns Autoplay on or off; when on each click of the Go button presents a series of three or more questions. 2 Help Provides access to help options: • How To replays initial instructions. • Help highlights and names each alternative. 3 Home Returns the student to their assignments screen. 4 Go Presents a question or a series of Autoplay questions. When an Autoplay sequence is in progress, this counter shows how many questions remain in the sequence. 5 Answer Buttons Show possible words to complete the sentence. 6 Incomplete Sentence Shows a sentence that the student must complete. 7 Time Shows Time Worked / Time Scheduled for the exercise. 8 Points Shows total points awarded across all of a day’s sessions. • Correct answers: 4 points for each question. • Autoplay bonus: double the usual points if all answers in an autoplay set are answered correctly. 9 Level Progress Displays the current level and percent complete of the level. 10 Current Streak Shows the current number of consecutive correct answers in the session. Resets to zero after an incorrect answer. 11 Highest Streak Shows the highest number of consecutive correct answers in this session. 54 Road Trip Teacher Manual

Task Exercise Overview Road Trip presents a written sentence with a single word missing, and shows 4 written words above the sentence. The student must choose the correct word to complete the sentence. Content Road Trip presents groups of words that focus on important linguistic and orthographic dimensions. In each group, the alternative answers challenge students in the relevant dimension. For example, alternate answers in the Basic Words and Academic Words groups have clear semantic differences from the correct answers (kitten and cookie; vaccine and vacuum), while the alternate answers for Compound Words and Prefixes groups may share a component word or morpheme, or have a similar spelling as the correct answer (retie and untie). The student works on each word group across multiple grade levels. Word Group 1: Basic Words Kindergarten Vocabulary above always apple because before begin better brown bunny came camel cookie crayon easy egg eight every feeling find fireman game garden girl gladly hello holiday kitten koala larger lend making panda rule summer talking these tractor tummy 1st Grade Vocabulary 2nd Grade Vocabulary 3rd Grade Vocabulary bulldozer caterpillar fearful freckles hamster leopard maybe must necessary nervous nobody officer older paste paying peacock pelican policeman porpoise promise rather ready rectangle rubber sawmill secret shiver skinny speak squirrels station studies stutter subtract surprised terrible tonight walked without young alfalfa beige blackberry business character chrome cider closet collie colorful flat flour fright govern handle harbor hasty hungry jellyfish ladder lemon length movement narrow outstanding parade period proud puff quart refrigerator remove smooth spinach spool spread stomach tryout vacation yank absolute acre alfalfa appeal applesauce arctic avocado beagle cardinal catnip cattle central chapter charm civil concern conduct connect crawfish curb current honest increase manufactures moisture mussel occasion opinion opossum paced pleasant poison polar porch stumps style tangle twirls unlimited weakness Road Trip Teacher Manual 55