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Teacher Manual Reading comprehension

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Exercise Screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 Autoplay Turns Autoplay on or off; when on each click of the Go button presents a series of three or more questions. 2 Help Provides access to help options: • How To replays initial instructions. • Help highlights and names each alternative. 3 Home Returns the student to their assignments screen. 4 Go Presents a question or a series of Autoplay questions. When an Autoplay sequence is in progress, this counter shows how many questions remain in the sequence. 5 Content Shows a short passage (1-3 sentences). 6 Answer Buttons Present 4 sentences, one of which correctly paraphrases the passage. 7 Time Shows Time Worked / Time Scheduled for the exercise. 8 Points Shows total points awarded across all of a day’s sessions. • Correct answers: 4 points for questions that count toward progress. • Autoplay bonus: double the usual points if all answers in an autoplay set are answered correctly. 9 Level Progress Displays the current level and percent complete of the level. 10 Current Streak Shows the current number of consecutive correct answers in the session. Resets to zero after an incorrect answer. 11 Highest Streak Shows the highest number of consecutive correct answers in this session. 42 Print Shop Teacher Manual

Task Exercise Overview In Print Shop, the student reads a very short passage (1-3 sentences) and then reads 4 sentences related to the passage. The student must select the sentence that correctly paraphrases the passage. Content Print Shop targets 12 language structures commonly found in academic discourse and written English. The student works with 5 examples of each language structure at each level of difficulty, for a total of 180 questions. Language Structure Adverbs Adjectives Nested Prepositional Phrases Compound Sentences Passive Voice Conjoined Verb Phrases Conjoined Noun Phrases Verb Phrase Ellipsis Subject Relative Clause Object Relative Clause Object Relative with Relativized Object Subject Relative Clause with Passive Voice Sample Sentence The teacher talks quickly. The small child made breakfast. The oak tree is growing by the stream in the woods. The plant grew flowers, and the tree grew leaves. The creek was blocked by the beaver dam. My cat plays all night and sleeps all day. The small frog and the large fish swim in the pond. The dog ran fast, and so did the horse. The ball that is rolling fast knocked over the pins. The shelter is covering the plants that are dry. The child holds the shoe that the puppy wants. The lizard that was dropped by the crow ran under a rock. Print Shop Teacher Manual 43