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Teacher Manual Reading comprehension


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Goals/Objectives English Language Arts Standard(s) Comprehension Skills Students will develop reading comprehension skills by selecting the correct paraphrase of a narrative text. Students will... • read texts independently, with minimal to no assistance (independent reading) • identify key ideas and supporting details to paraphrase a text (key ideas & details) • recognize whether they understand what they are reading, and if necessary, take steps to repair their comprehension before continuing to read (monitoring comprehension) Language/Reading Skills Students will... • understand the structural features of the English language, including syntactic features like word order and parts of speech, and morphological features like prefixes, suffixes, plurals, and subject-verb agreement (English grammar) • read texts with accuracy, appropriate rate, and expression to support comprehension (fluency) • recognize and apply knowledge of words and word parts such as morphemes and phonemes (word structure & knowledge) Cognitive Skills Students will… • use working memory to keep track of available words and phrases while identifying alternate phrasing (memory) • selectively attend to grammatical features of words and phrases to help identify the correct paraphrase (attention) • use language processing skills to identify the key components and details of phrases and sentences (processing) • manipulate word order to paraphrase a variety of grammatical sentences (sequencing) Social-Emotional/ Executive Function Skills Students will... • develop cognitive flexibility necessary to recognize shared meaning across variable grammatical forms • develop meta-cognitive strategies useful for note-taking and writing summaries of literature • build confidence in reading comprehension through syntactic awareness • increase motivation for writing summaries of text Icon Key Audio Download English Learner Quick Check Settings Video Print Shop Teacher Manual 41