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Teacher Manual Reading comprehension

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Exercise Screen 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 1 Reread Returns to the original content screen so the student can reread when needed. 2 Help Provides access to help options: • How To replays initial instructions. • Help highlights and names each alternative. 3 Home Returns the student to their assignments screen. 4 Content Shows a passage, graphic organizer, or summary that the student must review and interpret. 5 Question Shows a question about the content presented. 6 Answer Buttons Shows possible answers to the question. 7 Time Shows Time Worked / Time Scheduled for the exercise. 8 Points Shows total points awarded across all of a day’s sessions. • Correct answers: 8 points for questions that count toward progress; 4 points for practice or intervention questions. 9 Level Progress Displays the current level and percent complete of the level. 10 Current Streak Shows the current number of consecutive correct answers in the session. Resets to zero after an incorrect answer. 11 Highest Streak Shows the highest number of consecutive correct answers in this session. 12 Go Presents content or a question. 13 Next Continues to the next page or task. 12 13 18 Cognobot Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Task In Cognobot, students read and answer questions about two types of texts: passages (fiction, nonfiction, and poetry) and reference texts (tables, schedules, and instructions). • When working on passage texts, the student reads the passage first, then clicks the Next button to move to a series of questions about the passage. If needed, the student can return to the passage and read it again using the Reread button. • When working on reference texts, the table, schedule, or set of instructions remains on the screen while the student answers questions about it. Content Cognobot presents 48 texts across three levels of difficulty, with vocabulary at the 2-4 grade levels. 2nd Grade Vocabulary, Short Sentences 3rd Grade Vocabulary, Mid-length Sentence 4th Grade Vocabulary, Long Sentences Passage Texts 3 Fiction Passages 6 Nonfiction Passages 1 Poem 3 Fiction Passages 6 Nonfiction Passages 1 Poem 3 Fiction Passages 6 Nonfiction Passages 1 Poem Reference Texts 2 Tables 2 Schedules 2 Instructions 2 Tables 2 Schedules 2 Instructions 2 Tables 2 Schedules 2 Instructions Each text is associated with 6 questions that ask the student to think across multiple categories of text comprehension. For passage texts, the questions include: • Cause & Effect • Content & Style • Inferential: Intent • Inferential: Order • Inferential: Vocabulary • Literal For reference texts, the questions include: • Literal • Inferential Cognobot Teacher Manual 19