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Teacher Manual Reading comprehension

Facilitate and Encourage

Facilitate and Encourage Is the student struggling with sentence building? • Using the exercise demo, work through some sentences together. First, build several sentences, modeling how to approach the task. Think aloud about how you reject wrong answers and select correct ones. Then, have the student build several sentences. Ask them to explain their process to you, and provide supportive coaching. • Provide multiple opportunities to practice sentence building using the model similar to the Art Walk activity (fill-in-the-blank, guided writing prompt). • Practice a sentence starter by beginning the sentence for the student using the sentence building strip. Begin by building the sentence starter with the word strips. Have the student complete the sentence with the word strips. Verbally model and explain how you are building the sentence. This should be primarily done in a textual or visual format as that is the expected behavior of the student. • Print or write sentences on strips of paper and cut into segments (at least 1 word on each segment). Model building the sentence by putting the segments in the correct order while you state the steps to complete the task aloud. After demonstrating how to complete the sentence building activity, practice with the student and then allow the student to practice independently with supervision. After this practice, consider extending the activity by having them practice with a partner or multiple students receiving the same intervention. Provide immediate positive and corrective feedback as needed. 14 Art Walk Teacher Manual

Adjust Instruction/Intervene Facilitate and Encourage Student Resources You may decide to use any or all of these monitoring sheets with your students: Reading Comprehension Streaks & Completion Chart in Student & Teacher Resources Explain to students that accuracy is the key to moving through the content in Fast ForWord. Because streaks record the number of correct answers in a row, this chart can help students self-monitor for accuracy. After they complete their exercises for each day, have students record their highest streaks and percent complete in each exercise, then challenge them to exceed those numbers tomorrow. Students will need one copy every 5 days. Reading Comprehension Completion Chart in Student & Teacher Resources Students can self-monitor their progress on each exercise in Reading Comprehenson by filling in the bar representing their actual completed percentage to provide them with an overall view of how much content they’ve completed compared to how much they have left to do. Students will need one copy per component. Art Walk Teacher Manual 15