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i ELEMENTS II KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Bioacoustics Lab Goal/Task: Develop listening accuracy and phonological awareness skills by selecting a target syllable from a sequence of two syllables. Cinematch Goal/Task: Develop listening comprehension skills by listening to stories and answering questions. Answer i Answer Answers 1 3 2 4 Go Go Illuminator Goal/Task: Develop auditory word recognition and academic vocabulary skills by discriminating among related math and science terms. Mission Control Goal/Task: Develop the skill of following directions by identifying or manipulating shapes according to spoken instructions. Answers 1 2 3 4 Go Go PicFlip Goal/Task: Develop auditory word recognition, phonological awareness, and vocabulary skills by distinguishing between similar-sounding words. Answers 1 2 3 4 Go © Scientific Learning Corporation •

READING LEVEL 1 KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS Bear Bags Goal/Task: Build phonological awareness and phonics/decoding skills by sorting words based on initial, medial, and final sounds. Buzz Fly Goal/Task: Build listening comprehension skills by answering multiple-choice questions about fiction and nonfiction passages that have been read aloud. Answers 1 Go 2 Answers 1 2 3 4 Go 3 4 Bedtime Beasties Goal/Task: Build listening and reading comprehension skills by selecting the correct picture, word, letter, or punctuation mark to complete a sentence. Answers 1 2 3 4 Go Flying Fish Goal/Task: Build high-frequency word recognition and phonics/ decoding skills by rapidly matching spoken words to written words. Quail Mail Goal/Task: Build vocabulary skills by sorting words into different categories, such as conceptual, semantic, and grammatical. Answers 1 Answer i 2 3 Go 4 Go © Scientific Learning Corporation •