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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Facilitate and Encourage

Facilitate and Encourage Monitor Student Progress Review Space Commander reports regularly to monitor student progress. Use the data to determine which students are succeeding and which students might be struggling to make progress. Where to look... PROGRESS: Foundations I Exercise Progress - Space Commander The colored line shows student progress and their percent complete. Each dot indicates a day the student worked on the exercise. What to look for... what it means Is the line going up? The student is completing content accurately and making progress. Is the line flat across several dots? The student may be struggling and you need to find out why. Are there long lapses between dots? The student may be skipping this exercise. USAGE: Usage Details - Schedule Do you see half-filled gray circles? The student is working on this exercise, but not meeting the scheduled time. Make sure that they have time to complete their daily schedule. If fatigue is an issue, taking breaks is okay. Do you see red circles? The student is skipping this exercise. Provide support to help them re-engage. USAGE: Usage Details - Minutes/Questions Are many days highlighted in red? The student is not meeting their daily schedule. Check the Schedule tab in this report to investigate further. Is the student answering fewer questions than usual? They may be distracted or losing focus. In comparison to their previous activity, a low number of trials to minutes may indicate the student is not applying themselves to the task. Is the student answering more questions than usual? They may be rushing. In comparison to their previous activity, a high number of trials to minutes may indicate the student is trying to amass points, or to progress more quickly, but rushing can result in mistakes. Ask them to turn Autoplay off. Remind them that making progress depends on accuracy, not speed. 78 Space Commander Teacher Manual

Facilitate and Encourage Where to look... PROGRESS: Progress Details - Space Commander Progress Correct To make progress, students must achieve 80-90% correct on each level. Questions The number of questions varies depending on the level and the student’s performance on previous levels. If a level must be repeated, the student may only be required to repeat a subset of the questions. Processing Level 1: 20 Processing Level 2: 40 Processing Level 3: 40 - 60 Processing Level 4: 20 - 60 Natural Speech: 60 What to look for... what it means Are there red bars under Progress? When the student doesn’t achieve a high enough percentage of correct answers, they will repeat a level (or at least those groups of questions with which they were struggling). Check how close the student is to meeting the advancement criteria. Often, simply explaining this to the student can result in more focused attention on the repeated level. If a student has to repeat a level several times, they may need more support. Is the percent correct above 80%? The student is close to the criterion for progressing (80% or 90% correct, depending on the question group). Encourage them to avoid mistakes by slowing down, thinking about each question, and using the Replay button. Note that a student with a high percent correct on a level may only have passed some question groups, and not others. In this case, they must repeat the level, but will only work on those question groups not already passed. Is the percent correct well below 80%? The student may be struggling with either vocabulary or memory load. Check the Errors section of this report to determine where the student needs additional support. For a repeated level, did the number of questions decrease? As students pass more question groups, the number of questions for that level decreases. A decrease indicates the student is demonstrating increasing mastery of the skills presented in that level. For a repeated level, did the number of questions stay the same? The student has not mastered additional questions. If their percent correct increases, they are learning from their mistakes and may just need more practice. Remind them to listen to and observe the corrective feedback to better understand why their answer was wrong before moving on to the next question. PROGRESS: Errors - Space Commander Content that the student is struggling with the most is highlighted in red. Are specific command types highlighted in red? Provide the student with instruction on the specific vocabulary and/or complex commands with which they are struggling. See the “Adjust Instruction/Intervene” section in this teacher manual for suggestions on supporting struggling students Foundations I Progress Monitoring Chart in Student & Teacher Resources Space Commander Teacher Manual 79