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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Targeted Practice This exercise uses built-in, responsive technology to detect when a student is struggling and administer targeted, inline instruction—right when the student needs it—without any external resources or assistance required. This helps reduce frustration as it quickly gets the student back on track, so they can continue making progress. One type of intervention, the Vocabulary Teaching intervention, teaches students the vocabulary that is needed to perform a task by showing them a picture or animation that illustrates a concept, and then naming the word for that concept. Let’s go over the words you need to know for this task. You will see a picture of a word, and hear its name. If you want to hear the word again, click the REPLAY button. Yellow 76 Space Commander Teacher Manual

Introduce Engage Facilitate and Encourage To introduce the exercise to your students, say: Listening and following oral directions is an important skill. If you aren’t actively listening, you may miss important information. We are going to do an activity which requires you to carefully listen to my directions. I will only say each direction once and it is your job to follow it. Are there any questions? (pause) Ok, let’s begin. Have the class draw an object as you give an oral description. 1. Use a simple object like a snowman, pencil, stick person, etc. 2. Do not identify the object by name; just describe the shapes they need to draw so that they can create the object step by step. 3. Have students share their drawings to see how close they are to the directions you gave. 4. Repeat the activity, but have students give oral directions to their peers instead of you. 5. Discuss other situations when it is important to listen carefully. Demo 1. Say: Today, we’re going to practice listening to direction and then following the instructions to carry out the actions. Together, we’ll work on an exercise called Space Commander. I’ll get us started, and then I’d like for you to try. 2. Project the “Introduction – English or Spanish demo” for Space Commander. 3. Follow along with the demo, which explains how the exercise works. • Correct answer: a “ding” sound effect plays, the answer is highlighted, and the word appears below the picture • Incorrect answer: a “thunk” sound effect plays, the correct answer is highlighted with the word below, and the incorrect answers are dimmed 4. Demo the keyboard shortcut: • Go button = Space bar Direct students to log in and work individually on the Space Commander Demo for approximately 10 minutes. This time period mimics the timing of the exercise once it’s assigned. Debrief with students to ensure they understand the task and objective of the exercise. Ask: What did you notice? Have students share anything that they have questions about. Space Commander includes instructional audio for the exercise introduction and instructions. By default, these are presented in English. You can, however, select Spanish instructions for all, some, or individual students on the Manage page in mySciLEARN. Space Commander Teacher Manual 77