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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Exercise Overview

Exercise Overview Progression The task changes and gets more difficult in several ways: • At first, students start by working through introductory levels that provide instructions, modeling, and supports (audio feedback and/or visual cues) to introduce the frequency sweeps and the tasks. As students progress through the introductory levels, the supports are gradually removed. • In the standard levels, within each base frequency, students advance through 5 sets with progressively shorter durations. Within each set, students advance through 45 stages with progressively shorter ISIs. This progression challenges students to improve their rate of auditory processing. • Sky Gym adapts to students’ performance. If students are doing well, they may skip some stages; if they are struggling, they may need to work on more of the stages. If a student gets stuck for an extended period, they may be shifted to work on a different frequency or provided with targeted practice. Targeted Practice This exercise uses built-in, responsive technology to detect when a student is struggling and administer targeted, inline instruction—right when the student needs it—without any external resources or assistance required. This helps reduce frustration as it quickly gets the student back on track, so they can continue making progress. Sky Gym provides a variety of in-product interventions, such as coaching, modeling, extended sweeps, alternative instructions and tasks, and modified progressions. One type of intervention, Paired Sweep Alternate Stimuli, introduces the mechanics of the task and sound/button mappings using familiar, distinguishable animal sounds and words before progressing to frequency sweeps. correct or incorrect. Let’s try something new. See the chicken? The up button is now the chicken button. Click the chicken button. See the cow? The down button is now the cow button. Click the cow button. Nice job! Click Go to hear a sound. Click the chicken or cow button to make the same sound. Now, Go will make two sounds. Here’s what you do. Listen carefully. What was the order? Click the buttons in the same order. First, let’s practice. I will talk you through. Click Go. We heard two “clucks.” Click the chicken button two times. We heard a cluck, then a moo. So, click the chicken button, then the cow button. Remember. Hear two sounds? Make two clicks. Students are provided immediate feedback as to whether their answer is correct or incorrect. Students’ progression in the exercise stops temporarily while working through an intervention, then resumes when they return to the regular exercise content. 62 Sky Gym Teacher Manual

Exercise Overview Did you know? In Sky Gym, students identify and sequence frequency sweeps—sounds that change in pitch from low to high (“Weeps”) or high to low (“Woops”). What does this have to do with being a good listener and reader? The frequencies and durations of the frequency sweeps resemble some of the rapid transitions in the sounds of the English language. To understand speech it is important to be able to quickly tell frequency sweeps apart. Although we are unaware of such frequency sweeps when we hear someone talk, many of the common speech sounds, such as /b/, /d/, /g/, /p/,and /t/, have a frequency sweep component. Our brains have to be able to identify these frequency sweeps in order to understand what someone is saying. For example, one sweep is all that differentiates /p/ from /b/–and that makes the difference between hearing “pat” and “bat.” A frequency sweep that passes by in a fraction of a second can be critical to correctly identifying a speech sound, recognizing a word, and understanding a sentence. It can be especially difficult to hear these sounds when the language is unfamiliar, the speaker is unclear, or when listening in a noisy environment. Robust and rapid auditory processing is critical for students who are learning through spoken language. It is also critical for building the speech sound representations that are the basis of early reading skills like phonological awareness and phonics. Sky Gym improves students’ ability to recognize frequency sweeps quickly and accurately. Sky Gym Teacher Manual 63