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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !


SKY GYM Teacher Manual

Goals/Objectives English Language Arts Standard(s) The listening accuracy and auditory sequencing skills addressed by this exercise precede those addressed by typical reading standards, but are essential for learners to: • recognize rapidly changing sounds, which is important for phoneme discrimination • recognize and remember the order of a series of sounds, which is critical for mapping sound sequences to letter sequences when decoding or spelling Language/ Reading Skills Students will be able to... • identify rapidly changing sounds (listening accuracy) • correctly recognize and remember the order of a series of sounds (auditory sequencing) Cognitive Skills Students will be able to… • hold a sound sequence in working memory while recalling visual symbol-sound associations from long-term memory (memory) • focus and sustain attention (attention) • process tonal sweeps (processing) Social-Emotional/ Executive Function Skills Students will be able to... • selectively focus and sustain attention on a lesson or an activity • inhibit impulsive responses • build confidence in listening skills • manage ability to process rapid, complex information Icon Key Audio Download English Learner Quick Check Settings Video Sky Gym Teacher Manual 59