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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Facilitate and Encourage

Facilitate and Encourage Does the student have difficulty telling the difference between similar words they hear? Words like “thorn” and “torn” sound similar. For words like these, make sure the student knows they can use the Replay button to hear the word repeated as many times as they want. The more the student practices hearing the word, the more likely they are to succeed with the task. Is the student struggling to remember the academic vocabulary words? Have students use a graphic organizer, such as a Frayer model, so they can create multiple representations of a word to help solidify their understanding of new words. Ask students to provide the following: • a definition in their own words • a visual representation of the word • examples of the word • non examples of the word Is the student staying engaged with the activity? Ask the student how difficult the exercise is for them. If they say it is too easy, they may be losing interest. Remind the student that advancing through content depends on correct answers. 56 Robo-Dog Teacher Manual

Adjust Instruction/Intervene Facilitate and Encourage Student Resources You may decide to use any or all of these monitoring sheets with your students: Foundations I Streaks & Completion Chart in Student & Teacher Resources Explain to students that accuracy is the key to moving through the content in Fast ForWord. Because streaks record the number of correct answers in a row, this chart can help students self-monitor for accuracy. After they complete their exercises for each day, have students record their highest streaks and percent complete in each exercise, then challenge them to exceed those numbers tomorrow. Students will need one copy every 5 days. Foundations I Completion Chart in Student & Teacher Resources Students can self-monitor their progress in each Foundations I exercise by filling in the bar each day with their actual completed percentage. This provides students with an overall view of how much content they’ve completed compared to how much they have left to do. Students will need one copy. Robo-Dog Teacher Manual 57