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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Facilitate and Encourage

Facilitate and Encourage Where to look... PROGRESS: Progress Details - Robo-Dog Progress (Continued) What to look for... what it means ▪ Incorrectly answered questions and questions answered with Help will be repeated at the end of the level and will need to be answered correctly without Help to pass the level. ▪ More than the minimum number of questions indicates that questions are being incorrectly answered. If a student is missing a lot of questions, encourage them to use Help to learn the vocabulary. • All Topics: ▪ Help is not available. ▪ Incorrectly answered questions will be repeated at the end of the level but will not count towards progression. ▪ More than the minimum number of questions indicates that many questions are being incorrectly answered and the words should be practiced. ▪ Make sure the student remains attentive and motivated. Any increase in a student’s chart shows that the student is making progress. Celebrate these improvements, however small they may seem. If a student struggles at any level without the number of questions decreasing, they may need more support. • Students who struggle to maintain a high level of accuracy for an extended period may do better by attacking the content in smaller chunks. Have the student turn off Autoplay, answer 10 questions with laser focus, and take a brief brain break before doing the next set of 10. PROGRESS: Errors - Robo-Dog Content the student is struggling with is indicated in red. Phoneme Discrimination: Are specific sounds highlighted in red? Have the student practice saying words that start/end with the specific sounds with which they are struggling, and with easily confusable sounds (i.e. /m/ and /n/, /b/, /d/, and /p/) while focusing on the sounds and their differences. Sometimes just suggesting the student focus extra on those sounds as they progress through the exercise will help. Consider providing the student with instruction on the specific vocabulary with which they are struggling. Academic Vocabulary: Are specific word groups highlighted in red? Consider providing the students with instruction on the specific vocabulary with which they are struggling. See the “Adjust Instruction/Intervene” section in this teacher manual for suggestions on supporting struggling students. Foundations I Progress Monitoring Chart in Student & Teacher Resources 54 Robo-Dog Teacher Manual

Adjust Instruction/Intervene Differentiation Activities Facilitate and Encourage Differentiating instruction requires continually striving to know and to respond to each student’s needs in order to maximize learning. Use the data in Robo-Dog reports to adjust instruction to meet each student’s needs and respond to variance among learners. The activities below are suggestions to support students who might be struggling with their progress in Robo-Dog. Does the student understand the exercise goal/task? Observe the student as they work through the exercise demo to determine where their understanding may be breaking down. Can the student repeat the target word out loud? Ask the student to say the target word out loud. Repeating the word helps the student commit it to memory, and it tells you what word the student hears. If the student can’t remember or hear the word the first time, teach them to use the Replay button to hear it again. Students can use the Replay button as often as they want, without penalties. Does the student know which picture represents each word? Some of the words in the exercise—such as “thorn” or “foam”—may be unfamiliar to the student. If the student is not familiar with the vocabulary words or cannot match the pictures to the words, encourage them to use the Help feature, especially at Processing Level 1. Remind them that they need to learn the words. Beyond Level 1, they won’t make progress when they use Help so they should only use it when they don’t know the picture for a word. Robo-Dog Teacher Manual 55