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FOUNDATIONS I Teacher Manual

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STERK Engels Teacher Manual Foundadions !

Facilitate and Encourage

Facilitate and Encourage Does the student easily lose focus? Choose an object near the student to focus on and ask them if they can hold their eyes on the object for 3 seconds without looking away. Have the student prove that they can. Ask the student if they can hold their eyes on the same object for 5 seconds. If they can, have them focus for 7 seconds. Affirm the student’s ability to concentrate for that amount of time. Then explain that one answer in Moon Ranch rarely takes more than 7 seconds of concentration. Finally, ask the student to turn off autoplay so they determine when their 7 seconds of concentration begins. When the student has the discipline to resume with autoplay, allow them to do so. Is the student having difficulty discriminating between the two syllables? Practice a “live” version of the exercise with an individual student or a small group. 1. Ask the student to close their eyes and listen to you say the two sounds “ki” and “gi” (pronounced “key” and “ghee”). Have them repeat the sounds with you. Talk about changes in the shape of their mouth and jaw when they say each of the two sounds. 2. Next, ask the student to keep their eyes closed and listen carefully while you say “ki” (key). The second time you say “ki” have them raise their hand. The third time you say “ki” have them say the sound with you while raising their hand. 3. Now, introduce the “gi” (ghee) sound to the student. Ask them to listen carefully with their eyes closed. The second time you say “gi” have the student place their hand down toward the floor. The third time you say “gi” have them say the sound with you while placing their hand down toward the floor. 4. Finally, explain that you will now say a series of “ki” sounds and then sneak in a “gi” sound. Ask the student to keep their eyes closed and listen carefully. Have them raise their hand each time they hear the “ki” sound, and then lower their hand when they hear you sneak in the “gi” sound. 5. Practice with the other sound pairs, if necessary: • shu/chu – “shoe” and “chew” • sti/si – “stee” and “see” • ke/ge – “cay” and “gay” • to/do – “toe” and “doe” • da/ba – “dah” and “bah” 40 Moon Ranch Teacher Manual

Facilitate and Encourage Does the student need help identifying the syllables? Show the student how to use Help mode within the exercise. Using Help will not affect the student’s standing in the exercise. 1. Have the student click the Help button in the exercise to see 3 streams of syllables at the current set and stage. 2. When Help opens, have the student click the Go button to hear the corresponding syllable streams: • 2 repeated syllables + new syllable • 4 repeated syllables + new syllable • 3-6 repeated syllables + new syllable Is the student unable to consistently get 3 correct answers in a row? Challenge the student to “Beat the Teacher.” The goal of this activity is to achieve accuracy and get streaks of correct answers. Students make progress based on the 3-Forward/1-Back Rule: they move forward when they get 3 answers in a row correct, but they move backward when they get 1 answer incorrect. On a sheet of paper, make two columns, then put your name on the top of one column and the student’s name on the top of the other column. Or use the Beat the Teacher Worksheet. Listen along with the student during the exercise. When the student gets three in a row correct, record one point for the student. When the student makes an error, record a point for yourself. At the end of the intervention, total the points for each column. Calculate the number of student points earned minus the number of teacher points earned. This number represents the total number of steps forward the student has progressed. Have the student set a points goal to help them strive for even greater consistency and faster progress. Moon Ranch Teacher Manual 41