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Exam KBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

Step 3 Write down the

Step 3 Write down the keyword you need. Step 4 Write down the example sentence. Step 5 Does it make sense? Compare to the text. Still no luck finding the word or correct meaning? Try these tips: TIP 1 Can’t find the meaning of the word? Try to reduce the word. horrifying TIP 2 Look at the sign/abbreviation: what kind of word is it? TIP 3 If it is a verb, is it regular or irregular? How can you tell? horrify STEP/TIP RECOGNITION DEVISED INTERFERE EXPECTATIONS DUE Which section? What guidewords? Which keywords? Example? Makes sense? Tip 1: reduce the word Tip 2: what type of word? Tip 3: verb (ir) regular? R 57 Let’s scan First, scan the text on the next page and predict what it is about. Also, think of anything you might already know about the topic. I think the text will be about I already know 48 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - KBL

58 Let’s read Now you are ready for the text. First, scan the text and predict what it is about. Follow your nose By Sarah Knapton 1 HUMANS have a far greater sense of smell than previously thought, but daily showers, which mask bad odours, have reduced our ability to detect scents, scientists believe. Experts believe our sense of smell is much closer to that of animals than we imagined, but we no longer pay attention because our smells are often hidden, meaning that important sensory information is lost. 2 Our sense of smell evolved over millions of years and our human ancestors would have used it as a tool to spot disease, to avoid rotten meat and poisonous plants, and to sniff out food. However, as we assumed an upright posture, this lifted our noses far from the ground where most smells originate, diluting scent molecules in the air. Researchers said this could explain why people believe that smell is unimportant, compared to hearing and vision. 64 , many studies have shown that pheromones emitted from sweat glands play an important role in physical attraction. Dr Craig Roberts, a senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Stirling said : “We all use smell more than we realise, sometimes in ways we don’t think much about, such as when choosing partners.” Daily Telegraph, 2014 Look up important words A. Write down the meaning of the important words: reduced detect scents evolved diluting emitted B. Answer the questions below “… our smells are often hidden,” (paragraph 1). What has caused this, according to the text? a.As a result of evolution other senses have become more important. b. Chemicals in soap and perfumes have destroyed our sense of smell. c. The nose is a vulnerable organ that is easily affected by infections. d. We are used to covering natural body odours with other fragrances. 49 EXAM PREPARATION - SPECIFIC STRATEGIES - KBL