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Exam KBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

39 Questions Watch the

39 Questions Watch the video again if needed and fill in the grid below. TEXT GOAL THE WRITER WANTS to inform De lezer informeren over iets. to convince to activate to entertain to instruct Match the different text types to the correct text goals. recipe - advertorial – article – editorial column - poem - short story – book – review – letter – interview -user manual - cartoon – invitation – comic -letter to the editor invitation to convince to inform text goals to activate to entertain to instruct 40 More questions A. What is the goal of the text on the next page? to inform to convince to activate to entertain to instruct Explain your choice: 36 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - KBL

B Read the text and answer the question below. DID YOU SEE DANIEL? Or did you look past him and carry on with your life? Like many of the young people who come to Centrepoint, Daniel is no stranger to being ignored. His stepfather used to lock him out of the house. His mother said she wished she’d never had him. Daniel left home at 16 and fled to London, hoping for a better life. With no home, he spent his time walking around and riding around on buses. He was cold, hungry and grubby. Worst of all he felt worthless. Even when he eventually found a B&B, he did not feel safe. While Daniel’s story may sound shocking to you, many of the homeless young people who come to Centrepoint have been through similar experiences. By giving just 40p a day (£12 a month) you can get a vulnerable homeless person off the streets right now. You’ll give them a room of their own and all the support they need to rebuild their life. They’ll receive counselling to deal with their problems, career advice to help them into college or a job, and basic life skills, such as how to budget and pay bills. So, when they’re ready to leave, they can live independently. Many people don’t give homeless people like Daniel a second glance, but today you can be the person who chooses not to ignore them. Thanks to someone like you, Daniel is now safe at Centrepoint. Sponsor a room at Centrepoint call 0800 13 80 473 or visit What you’ll receive as a Centrepoint room sponsor: • A virtual recreation of your room online that you can log into using personal login details. • A plan of your room and information about the young person currently staying in it, through the post. • Regular updates about how the young person’s life is changing. If you’d like to sponsor more than one room, please do. The more rooms you sponsor, the more young lives you’ll change. Geef van elke bewering aan of deze wel of niet overeenkomt met de inhoud van de tekst. BEWERING WEL NIET Met sponsorgeld zorgt Centrepoint ervoor dat dakloze jongeren af en toe een nacht kunnen doorbrengen in een B&B. Als sponsor kun je uit een bestand kiezen welke jongere je wilt ondersteunen. De sponsor krijgt informatie over zowel de kamer als de jongere die erin verblijft. Als je meerdere kamers sponsort, krijg je korting. 37 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - KBL