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Exam KBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

17 Recap instruction To

17 Recap instruction To read a text efficiently and answer a question correctly it is smart to stick to a plan. This strategy helps you do that! Watch the video about the main strategies for reading. What are the 3 steps for before, while & after? 18 Create notes Fill in the sentences in the grid below at the correct strategy (before, while or after) for each step. A. Probeer de betekenis van onbekende woorden te raden of af te leiden uit de zin. B. Let op signaalwoorden en referentiewoorden: ze wijzen de weg in de tekst! C. Wat weet je al over dit onderwerp? D. Stel jezelf vragen tijdens het lezen. Wat is het doel van de alinea? Wat bedoelt de schrijver hier? E. Kijk verder dan je neus lang is. F. Ga terug naar de vraag. Check je antwoorden. G. Bekijk titel /tussenkopjes /plaatjes/inleiding. H. Probeer te raden waar de tekst over gaat. Wat verwacht je? I. Zoek gericht naar de antwoorden. READING STEP 1 STEP 2 STEP 3 Before G While After And last but not least: 22 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - KBL

19 Strategy before reading Let’s read. Before we actually start reading, let’s try to predict what the text is about. Let’s find out by looking at the features only. What do you see and read in the features of the text? Fill in the grid. BEFORE READING TITEL PLAATJES TUSSENKOPJES Bekijk titel / tussenkopjes / plaatje. Wat zie je? Wat weet je zelf al over dit onderwerp? Probeer te raden waar de tekst over gaat. Wat verwacht je? Go with the Flow. Where would you rather be? Office bound and waiting for lunchtime, or camping in the Arctic, waiting for a polar bear to decide whether to make you his dinner? 1 Going out on the ice proved an easy decision for Charlotte Eddington, 27, the head of energy and sustainability at CB Richard Ellis, a global property consultancy. After six months’ hard training, dragging sledges weighted with sand around Richmond Park, Charlotte and a companion became the youngest all-female team to complete the 350-mile Polar Race, from Canada to the North Pole, in April. 2 But then nothing really prepares you for temperatures as low as minus 70°C (-94°F), including wind chill, and ice rubble the size of small houses. “It is very hard. You can’t wait to get home and have some nice food,” Charlotte says. “We weren’t aiming for a position in the race but the more we went through, the more fanatic we got.” The team came third, reaching the finish after 20 days, 4hrs and 35mins. 3 Back at her desk after five weeks on paid leave, Charlotte has been given a new perspective on managing her team. “On the ice, teamwork is about survival,” she says. The pair had to check each other’s faces for frost nip, for example. “If you don’t look after each other, you’re not looking after yourself,” she says. And when faced with a large polar bear rummaging for food and seemingly undeterred by their banger gun, the pair stood together and advanced towards the hungry animal making as much noise as possible. Another polar bear clawed a hole in their tent while they were sleeping but was soon scared away. 23 EXAM PREPARATION - GENERAL STRATEGIES - KBL