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Exam KBL

Deze training maakt deel uit van de methode STERK Engels vmbo. Dit onderdeel kan ook als extra examentraining dienen voor studenten die alleen gebruikmaken van de software Reading Assistant en Fast ForWord.

14. Wat maakt, volgens

14. Wat maakt, volgens de schrijver, deze expeditie naar Mars een onaantrekkelijke onderneming? a. de gebrekkige financiering b. de landing c. de verveling d. de spanning e. de straling onderweg Source 13 TEXT Beat the School Bully For years Michaela suffered torment at the hands of school bullies. But Michaela, who is just 14, used the misery she was going through as inspiration to come up with an anti-bullying board game. Yvonne, her mother, tells her story:  (1) My husband and I had no idea at first about the bullying. When Michaela did tell us, she said she’d try to deal with it herself. She didn’t want us to get involved. But it was tough for her! She would come up with reasons for not going to school in the mornings, she’d become so uptight she couldn’t eat breakfast. The bullying was affecting her health with headaches and stomach upsets. (2) What we didn’t realise was that while she was seeking refuge in the art room on her own at lunchtimes at school, she was working on a board game idea. The game is a bit like Monopoly in that you move round a board but it’s question-based and each of the questions gets you talking about aspects of bullying. (3) Looking for support to realise her game, Michaela spent months trying to contact Duncan Bannatyne 1) and was finally invited to meet him. I went along with her, taking along a little prototype of the game with us. When I asked him why he had agreed to see her, he said that it was her not giving up trying to get in touch that made him think she might have something. Duncan took Michaela’s game home to play with his kids and, in less than a week, he was back in touch. (4) He suggested that we get together with design students. Now it has been more fully developed and we’re hoping Duncan may offer help in getting it marketed. In the meantime, Michaela and I have set up an anti-bullying website where those who are affected can talk and let off steam. And we’re all so proud of what Michaela has done, after all she has been through. The Weekly News, 2010 noot 1 Duncan Bannatyne = een bekende, rijke Britse ondernemer 15. How did Michaela react to being bullied according to paragraph 1? a. She asked her parents if she could change schools. b. She became very aggressive towards other pupils. c. She concentrated on studying hard at school. d. She wanted to solve the problem without any help. 14 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - KBL

16. Geef van elk van de volgende beweringen aan of deze juist of onjuist is volgens alinea’s 2 en 3. Omcirkel ‘juist’ of ‘onjuist’. BEWERING Door het spel van Michaela te spelen word je gestimuleerd pestgedrag te bespreken. Michaela hoopte dat Duncan Bannatyne het spel met haar wilde spelen. Duncan Bannatyne werd nieuwsgierig naar wat Michaela had, omdat ze erg veel moeite deed hem te spreken. Duncan Bannatyne wilde Michaela helpen nadat hij het spel met zijn gezin gespeeld had. JUIST ONJUIST 17. What has Duncan Bannatyne done sofar to help Michaela according to paragraph 4? a. He has changed the game to make it a commercial success. b. He has created a website to help promote her game. c. He has given her advice about how to improve her game. d. He has paid a lot of money to become the owner of her game. Source 14 TEXT I’m Just Beginning By James Cracknell (1) Since taking up rowing I’d dreamt of winning a gold medal. Relationships, a ‘proper’ career, money, holidays, and friends’ weddings had all been sacrificed at the altar of rowing. After having won two Olympic gold medals I was mentally prepared to retire. Then television presenter Ben Fogle bounced up to me at a party. “I’m doing a rowing race across the Atlantic. Do you want to do it with me?” he asked. After discovering he couldn’t row I politely declined, but soon realised I was missing something: a goal. I’d had one since I was 16 years old and felt incomplete without having something to aim for. So I phoned up Ben and agreed to enter the Atlantic Rowing Race. (2) The difference between preparing for a sporting event and a challenge like this became obvious on a number of fronts: practical, financial and emotional. The Olympics demanded that I train to the best of my ability and then perform when it mattered; not easy, but I was supported by a coach and several other trained specialists. Ben and I only had each other. We also had a boat to build, navigation tests to pass, radio and sea-survival courses, training and (in Ben’s case) learning to row. Getting sponsorship was virtually impossible and my wife wasn’t too keen on me spending two months at sea. (3) 19 . We only got clearance to race 24 hours before the start and hadn’t spent more than two hours on our boat. We’d totally under-estimated the psychological challenge of being out at sea in a tiny boat. There had been no discussion about how little we really knew each other or would function as a team.The first week aboard was spent coming to terms with the 3,000 miles of ocean ahead. It was hideous. We just wanted to give up. We’d run out of water, survived a 15 EXAM PREPARATION - INTRO & D-TEST - KBL